LOL: Leafman Trudeau on the Cover of Rolling Stone – “Why Can’t He be Our President?”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2017

Even Matt Pearce – a journalist so worried about money that he isn’t worried about if people decide to start killing reporters – couldn’t handle this Rolling Stone cover.

One wonders: was the writer of this piece actually sucking Trudeau off during the interview?

Also wondering: wtf is “Rolling Stone”? Is this like, the magazine for the band of that name?


A profile of Justin Trudeau in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine is being panned online for its supposed fawning over the photogenic Canadian prime minister.

“Why Can’t He Be Our President?” screams the front page of the pop-culture magazine. Trudeau is pictured with his his shirtsleeves rolled up, earnestly staring at the camera while leaning against a dark wooden table.

In the article, the Canadian PM says that he disagrees Donald Trump “on a whole bunch,” but has “a constructive working relationship” with the 45th president of the US.

Here’s some negative tweets from libcucks, libkikes and monkeylibs reacting to this bizarre event.

The articles author, in response to the negativity he received from his own cucks and kikes and monkeys, tweeted a witticism.

What appears to be happening here is that progressives are sensing how totally unhip they are, and they dislike it.

It’s like: “AYO HOL UP – so you be sayin… we is a bunch of fags?”

Liberalism had its basis in being cool and hip and young and sexy, and there is exactly zero of that left. Now it is just a bunch of humorless women and homosexuals and Jews telling people what to do. Regulating speech, punishing people for thinking differently, harassing political dissidents.

That would be less relevant if they were a right-wing group in power, as they could sell the power itself as sexy.

But the whole concept of liberalism is “liberating” things. And if instead of liberating, you are oppressing and silencing, there is no energy left.

That is the point they have gotten to, and their followers are beginning to realize it.

I think this Rolling Stone cover really is a turning point in that.

Many of them, looking at that cover, are likely experiencing anagnorisis.

The moment when you realize you are not cool.

It must be sad for them.

It is surely even sadder for the Jews.

Meanwhile, the Alt-Right – we are pure fire, bro.

Hip, young, funny, sexy, energetic – all of the things that the left imagines itself to be, and is now realizing, looking at that Rolling Stone cover, that it is in fact the opposite of.