LOL KIKED: Obama Confirms Double-Digit Premium Hikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2016


Sorry, actually you can’t keep your doctor. And you can’t choose a new one. You just have to go to this guy.


This Obamacare sure was a vicious kiking.

Fox News:

Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama’s health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday. That’s sure to stoke another “Obamacare” controversy days before a presidential election.

Before taxpayer-provided subsidies, premiums for a midlevel benchmark plan will increase an average of 25 percent across the 39 states served by the federally run online market, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Some states will see much bigger jumps, others less.

Moreover, about 1 in 5 consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from, after major national carriers such as UnitedHealth Group, Humana and Aetna scaled back their roles.


This was supposed to be socialized healthcare! Instead it’s a government-enforced corporate monopoly – with a clause that allows you to be extorted! Requires it even!

This Obamacare plot was part of the Obama trifecta, which also includes the HUD program to force-integrate Negroes and the stay of the deportations of these tens of millions of wetbacks.

But the thing is, with all of the damage Obama has done, none of it is written in stone. Obamacare can still be fully repealed. We can put the section 8 back in poor neighborhoods. And we can remove these Mexicans before they’re given citizenship.

All of Obama’s “accomplishments” require a Hillary Presidency to be completed.

But we have a plan.