LOL: Japs Caught Tampering with Test Results to Keep Women Out of Medical School

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

Testing is in itself a scam, designed to boost women.

It is a result of sloppiness and quirks in history that the modern education system is based on testing.

Because women are both:

  • Significantly better at taking tests than men
  • Significantly worse at performing any single task than men

This creates a conundrum, where women are now the majority in Western universities, in all fields, simply because they are good at taking memorization-based tests.

So then college educated women get placed in high-level jobs that you could find some random dickhead working at a gas station who could do a better job at. Just because men are naturally so much more capable at performing tasks.

The Japs are simply trying to avoid that situation. It is logical.


Tokyo Medical University has found itself in hot water after it was discovered to be altering exam scores for female applicants to boost the number of male doctors, prompting widespread outrage.

The fudged exam results were discovered in an internal investigation following allegations of corruption over the entrance procedures for the Tokyo medical school, Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported.

The revelations have sparked outrage on social media, with one person on Thursday branding the “logic of systemic discrimination against women applicants” as “disgusting.” Another called it “crazy, disturbing… stuck in the 1950s,” while another pointed out that if the Japanese will apologize for “tiny train delays,” how many times will they say sorry for “how they treat their women.”

According to media reports, the investigation discovered that the altering of exam scores began in 2011 after the number of female applicants jumped significantly in the year prior. As a result, the university began reducing the exam scores of women and adding points for men in order to keep down the number of female undergraduate medical students at about 30 percent of the total cohort.

The Yomiuri Shimbun quoted university sources as saying the reduction of female applicants stemmed from a “strong sense” that many women quit medicine to get married and have children. The university source also said that female surgeons “tend to be avoided.”

“Tend to” is Japanese politeness in action.

The “social media outrage” is not mainly Japanese.

But the outrage of this international women’s clique. Women will always side with each other, over race and nation and class.

I certainly wouldn’t want a woman operating on me.

I won’t even let a woman give me a shave (yes, hipster barber shops in the Nigerian embassy in Guam are now hiring women).

The only act I will go to a woman for is a massage. And honestly, I can guarantee you men are better at that than women. But, you know. Ghey.

And waitresses. But they will often bring you the wrong food, because they can’t keep the tables straight.

I do not feel comfortable at all with a female bartender.

And if I see a female in the kitchen of a restaurant, I will not eat there. Because despite “in the kitchen” memes, they aren’t actually good at cooking. There is just no other real use for them in the home, and men don’t have time for that shit.

Basically, women have two purposes:

  1. Sex and reproduction
  2. Doing menial, repetitive tasks as assistants to men

You put them anywhere else, and you’re going to have a problem.

They will have breakdowns as soon as you give them even a little bit of responsibility for anything.

Either that, or just become outrageous, control-freak psychos who seem to not notice and certainly not care that they are not correctly performing tasks and are actively thwarting men’s abilities to do so.

We just have get these creatures out of our spaces.

The Japs have traditionally kept women exactly where they belong: as submissive, nice-looking servants.