LOL: Hawaii False Bombing Alarm Because Someone Pushed the Wrong Button

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2018

So as you probably heard – everyone did – Hawaii on Saturday had a false bombing alarm and everyone believed they were being nuked by North Korea.

I’m sure some people will have conspiracy theories about this particular event. There are several reasons why the government might want to fake people out about something like this – possibly to test the public response, possibly to make people more hostile to and afraid of North Korea – whatever.

However, Hawaii is a largely brown country/colony/territory/state which doesn’t generally function particularly well on a lot of different levels. It is under the US government obviously, so a certain amount of their systems are secured by white people, and there are a whole bunch of Japs there for whatever reason, but their state and local governments are lined with the low-IQ natives. And them setting up a system that allows for someone to accidentally click a button that sets off an alarm system telling the entire public they’re being nuked is not really especially hard to believe.


Faced with a public outcry following a false missile alert, Hawaiian officials apologized, saying an automated method of retracting warnings will be introduced and two employees, instead of one, will handle it in the future.

“We did everything that we can, immediately, to ensure that it will never happen again… so a single person will not be able to make an error that triggers another false alarm,” Vern Miyagi, Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) administrator said, as he accepted responsibility for the incident.

“I’m sorry for that pain and confusion that many might have experienced,” he added.

It was a single mouse click by a HI-EMA employee during a routine test that sent the entire state of Hawaii into panic, Miyagi revealed.

“The wrong button was pushed on the test, it went into actual event versus a test,” he said. It was not literally a button, but part of a screen the employee erroneously clicked on to activate the alarm, according to Miyagi. As to why it took the agency nearly 40 minutes to inform the public that the alert was bogus, Miyagi said that officials were forced to go through a number of steps as there was no deactivation template in place.

“There was no an automated way to send a false alarm cancellation. We had to initiate a manual process and that was why it took a while to notify everyone,” Governor David Ige said.

In fact, the officials initiated the cancellation procedure just three minutes after the alarm went off, Miyagi said, as he provided a detailed timeline of how the events unfolded. At 8:13am, six minutes after the initial warning, the agency issued a cancellation which stops the messages from going out. At 8:20am, the agency posted the correction on Facebook, which was retweeted by the governor in four minutes. However, it was already 8:45am when distraught Hawaiians finally received “verbal” notifications on their cell phones.

Those were no doubt a tense 32 minutes.

Refusing to identify the employee responsible for the mishap, Miyagi said that he was also shaken by what he involuntary caused to happen.

“You got to know this guy feels bad. He was not doing this on purpose. It was a mistake on his part. He feels terrible about it and it won’t happen again,” Miyagi said.

“There’s definitely was no hacking involved, it was a human error,” Governor Ige reiterated.

As reporters grilled officials about how could it take the employee three minutes to realize such an obvious mistake, the governor said the emergency staff only became aware of the error when the alert popped up on their phones.


This is pure silliness.

I’m not even going to say that this isn’t a government psy-op of some sort. It makes sense that it would have been. I’m just not sure that this is the simplest answer.

Governments generally are not especially good with complex computer systems, and you get some primitives involved and you’re gonna have a bad time.

At least we got a great meme out of this.

The “natural” meme is one of the best sorts of memes.

Also, I want to say that I just Google Image searched Hawaii and I think we’ve been lied to about this “sexy Hawaiian native” thing.

They all seem fat and pear-shaped with unrefined monkey-type features.

I think people must be mistaking the Jap girls there for Hawaiians when they spread this meme.