LOL: Germany to Set Up Barricades in Cologne in Preparation for NYE Ficki Ficki 2

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2016


Last year, Angela Merkel invited the entire Islamic world to come live on welfare in Germany. Two million illiterate peasants from West Asian, the Middle East and North Africa took her up on the offer.

Shockingly, these people proved to be very badly behaved. Not only did they blow things up and stab people at random, they also engaged in a massive religious and racial sex war against White German women.

However, it is important to remember that this was the fault of the women themselves, who are sluts and should be wearing hijab.

Daily Express:

German police and local authorities are planning ahead of schedule to ensure women are not subject to the same sex attacks outside the Cathedral during this year’s New Year Eve celebrations.

And they are setting up controls to police the access to the festivities in a massive operation that is designed to expose any groups threatening to molest women.

Last year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations were marred after hundreds of sexual assaults were reported in Germany, mainly in Cologne city centre.

The assaults were not reported to the media by police at first and only emerged when victims took to social media to express their anger.

Thousands of migrant men are believed to have been involved in the shocking mass harassment, robbing and molestation of women.

According to local reports the Cologne Cathedral is to be protected by fences during the upcoming New Year’s Eve festivities.

An 80 metre radius will be set up in order to offer a level of protection for women according to Mayor Henriette Reker.

Police are also planning ahead of time a large scale event and a massive emergency services operation is underway already, said police commissioner Juergen Mathies.

Mr Mathies said: “The citizens and the people who come to Cologne this year at New Year’s Eve should feel safe. Such images as last year will not be repeated. Details regarding the security policy will be announced later.

Around 1,200 reports were made, of which 500 were for sexual offences.

Well, that’s good news.

Really glad to hear Germans are being kept safe by the same police who last year engaged in a massive conspiracy to cover-up the widespread Moslem-on-White sex assault fiasco.

Now, instead of helping these migrants get away with rape, they’re going to stop them from doing it. It really just goes to show: people can change for no reason.

Soon, Moslems will stop gang-raping and blowing things up. For no reason, they will just change their entire behavior pattern spontaneously.