lol @ “Delta Plus”

It’s like McDonald’s “French Fries Plus” with added anal semen – only it’s a fake virus.

I should have known they would never release a “Delta Lite” that was less hyped.


Had to be Delta Plus.

Yahoo! News:

A COVID-19 Delta subvariant known as ‘Delta Plus’—which is the unofficial name— is being investigated as it’s made its way into Canada from the U.K.

Although it is not designated as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization, experts say this is a variant of interest, but don’t know if it is more dangerous given how new it is.

Could Delta Plus cause a new surge in Canada?

Although the subvariant may be more transmissible, there is not sufficient data to suggest to determine if it will cause a new surge in Canada relative to the ongoing transmission added Saunders-Hastings.

As the governments continue to observe and watch the subvariant’s behaviour, Saunders-Hastings said “the current thought is that vaccines will continue to be effective, but we don’t have enough info yet.”

Anna Banerji, associate professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health says that “it will surge if the mutation gives it an advantage over the original delta, like it is more infectious or more serious. If it is not more infectious, then it may not be of concern.”

The Public Health Agency of Canada stated they are aware of 12 detections of Delta Plus in the national genomic surveillance database and international studies have started to research more.

At some point in the next weeks, there’s going to be a “winter variant” they release.

Don’t let the Youngkin victory confuse you.

Things are still on schedule to go exactly according to plan.

They’re going to tell you the new variant breaks the vaccine, so we have to go back to lockdowns and get more vaccines.

These Jews are going to roll heavy and they’re going to roll over you if you don’t get out of the way.