LOL: Burned London Building was Habitat of teh Islamics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2017

Well, the whole bitch done burned down.

But nothing of value was lost.

Six people dead so far – apparently, all Moslems.


A 24-story tower block on Latimer Road, West London, has been engulfed in a horrifying blaze, with reports saying people have been trapped in flats in the upper levels.

The massive fire has engulfed the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington from the second story to the top floor, the London Fire Brigade tweeted. It added that at least 40 fire engines and 200 firefighters have been battling the blaze.

The fire, which broke out at around 1am, is believed to have started on the fourth floor, reportedly due to a faulty refrigerator, RT UK’s correspondent Eisa Ali reports from the scene.

The building has a history of fire safety violations and residents have been complaining about improper and outdated safety standards as recently as last year, Ali said.

Posting an update via Skype at 5am London time, Ali reported that people were still visibly trapped on some of the floors. A video uploaded by RT’s Ruptly video agency clearly shows a man opening a window near a scorched and burning side of the building on one of the upper floors.

A sizeable number of the block’s residents are Muslim, and many might have been out of the building as it is during the holy month of Ramadan, Ali suggested. However, many others were still reportedly inside when the fire started, he added.

Meanwhile, eyewitness accounts have been pouring in, with reports claiming women and children were among those trapped on the burning floors.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared the fire a “major incident.”

Unlike mass-stabbings or people getting run-over by trucks, which should not alarm you.

Presumably, if it was a Moslem building, it was a Moslem building. If any whites did die, well then, that’s probably preferable to living in a building of Moslems.

They are blaming standards violations or whatever, but more than likely, the blaze was the result of a cooking fire. Moslems are used to cooking in desert tents, not high rise buildings.

As our society becomes more diverse, it isn’t only intentional acts of vibrancy that take place on an increasing scale – our culture is also enriched by unintentional acts of vibrancy.

And these people are hired to work in jobs dealing with infrastructure.

Even if the fire was a result of safety standards violations and not Islamic cooking and electrical use practices (plugging 8 different Chinese appliances into the same socket), it was the result of diverse safety inspectors, diverse council members overseeing such things.

Because in entirely white areas, you don’t have buildings burning down. That doesn’t happen anywhere. That doesn’t even happen in the Ukraine, unless someone purposefully does it.

Both the general chaos of the way these people live and these affirmative action programs which put the vibrants in positions beyond their capacity are already doing a lot more damage than terrorism or even just basic rape and other street violence.

And the browner we get, the worse it’s going to get, to the point where nothing works anymore.

The very presence of these people in our countries is a form of terrorism.

Whites turned South Africa from this:

Into this:

While blacks turned Detroit from this:

Into this:

What happens in a society is based on who lives there, not where it is located. You cannot replace a population with another population and expect the buildings and roads to ensure nothing in that society changes. That is actual insanity.

And yet, that is what the Jews are claiming.