LOL: Britain to Lose 25% of Business Jobs in 20 Years (Time for More No-Skill Immigrants!)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2016

One thing that neither side of the immigration debate pays much attention to is the rapid rise of robots.


A quarter of jobs in Britain’s business services sector will be taken over by robots in the next 20 years because of falling technology costs and rising wages, a new report claims.

According to Deloitte, there is a “high chance” that of the 3.3 million roles classed as business services, including telecoms and IT, 800,000 will no longer be performed by humans by 2035.

Deloitte Partner Simon Barnes says the sector’s workforce would “fundamentally change over the next 10 to 20 years.”

Humans are likely to be “liberated from repetitive and highly structured roles,” while new higher-skilled positions are expected to be created to replace them, he added.

Expected by who?

What will these jobs be?

And how will people be trained to do a higher-level job? Who will pay for the training? What percentage of people can be trained to do higher-level jobs than they’re already doing, and if they possess that ability, why are they currently working at lower-level jobs?

According to Deloitte’s analysis, rising labor costs, in part due to the recent introduction of the National Living Wage, higher costs, price competition and their impact on margins will lead to a renewed focus on productivity and efficiency in the sector.

“As automation becomes increasingly more cognitive and less robotic, the business services sector must move fast to make sure they recruit and retrain people with the right skills and knowledge to address this,” Barnes says.

Governor of the Bank of England (BoE) Mark Carney said last month that many of the jobs we are now familiar with “will be gone tomorrow.”

He said the rising speed of technological change threatens to make it difficult for young people to plan their lives and chose a career.

Earlier this year, the Big Four firm said more than 11 million jobs in the UK are at risk of automation, with the manufacturing, wholesale and retail, and professional, scientific and technical sectors to be hit hardest.

Another study, by the London Business School, predicts jobs in law, medicine, architecture, communications and space technology will be performed by robotic workers in the next 20 years.

And get this:

While more leisure time may sound appealing, there are serious ethical concerns about such technology.

Last month, a professor of robotics at Sheffield University, Noel Sharkey, said teens may soon have their first sexual encounters with specifically-designed robotic dolls.

He warned the trend could ruin human relationships and could have terrible consequences for humanity.

Robot hookers are the least of our concerns. And may actually turn out to be a positive development.


Feminists are definitely going to be opposed to robot hookers. And it may in fact cause them to fundamentally alter their behavior. And lose weight.

Women have been empowered by using sex as a weapon against men. That is really their only weapon, and they have used it to devastating effect. Losing that weapon to robots would make feminism an obsolete female survival strategy, and they would be forced to adapt.

In fact, feminists are already calling for a ban on sex with robots. A feminists named Dr. Kathleen Richardson has created the Campaign Against Sex Robots.


Dr. Kathleen Richardson: This woman wants to deny you your fundamental human right to robot sex!

Anyway, at least at this point, that is more of a weird, abstract issue, which distracts from the more immediate and obvious issues.

What we can look at as extremely concrete is the fact that basically, America, Western Europe, Japan and Korea are entering a new economic paradigm where they’re going to have to pay people not to work.

And we’ve flooded ourselves with all of these monkey people, many of whom already do not work, under the Jewish theory that it was somehow good for our economy.


Nah brah, we didn’t do nothing. Just on our way to pay some pensions for old Whites.

Way back when Merkel was claiming that 70 IQ illiterate Moslems were going to work to pay the pensions of old Whites (she isn’t saying that anymore!), I was making the point that the demographic crisis in White nations is a stupid myth, because of the development of automation and robots.

We aren’t in a situation where there are not enough workers. We are in a situation where we are going to have way too many workers.

maxresdefau    lt

But I guess for the most part, even nomies have now dismissed the idiot Jewish theory that mass non-White immigration will make us all rich, and we’re now just dealing with the Jewish theory that we have a “moral obligation” to flood ourselves with these violent evolutionary throwbacks.

The upshot is that robots can be used to remove these people, just as Johnny 5 removed Micah X.

johnny five dead nigga

Note: I want to stress that I think emerging technologies are good.

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