LOL: Bob Mueller’s Special Counsel Office Says Buzzfeed Article On Trump Directing Jew Cohen to Lie is an Inaccurate Hoax

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2019

You know the fake news being pushed by the Jewish media is completely out of control when Bob Mueller’s biased special counsel office issues statements debunking it.

For the past couple of years the Jewish media has pushed a narrative with no evidence that Donald Trump is a secret agent working for Russia. They’ve also tried to manufacture other side narratives in order to provide some type of justification for him to be impeached. The final result of this has been the Jewish media pushing an endless number of fake news stories based on anonymous sources with no substantive corroboration.

Debunking fake news story after fake news story relating to these subjects has been an incredibly tedious and painful task. But we are now at a point where the fake news has become so ridiculous and retarded that the special counsel office run by Bob Mueller has felt the need to weigh in.

On Thursday, the disreputable fake news site Buzzfeed put out an article claiming that Trump directed his former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a proposed Moscow building project. The entire foundation of the report was strange because there is nothing illegal about constructing a building in Russia. Plus, the project never happened so the motivation for Trump to direct Cohen to lie about such a thing was highly questionable. The report was also based on two anonymous sources.

Considering this and Buzzfeed’s record of putting out fake news reports (they were the first to publish the discredited #pissgate dossier), it was easy to be skeptical of this story. But that did not stop the entire Jewish media machine from implying that this story would lead to the end of Trump’s presidency. This is practically the only thing the Jewish media has talked about over the past 24 hours.

CNN and MSNBC even interviewed the Buzzfeed reporters who authored the report. The report was referred to as a “bombshell.”

ABC, CBS and NBC featured it as a top story.

After this uncorroborated Buzzfeed report was shoved down everybody’s throats, Mueller’s office put out a brief statement calling the story an inaccurate hoax.

Here’s Trump’s response and the response of some of his political supporters who haven’t been banned from Twitter yet.

Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both offered a solid take on the situation.

What makes this interesting is the fact that Mueller’s office is stacked with Democrat lawyers and people antagonistic to Trump. They also rarely if ever make any public statements. So the fact that they would release a statement to debunk this Buzzfeed report is quite remarkable.

Despite this, Buzzfeed is standing by their reporting – and much of the media is standing by defending it. Buzzfeed’s Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith was interviewed on CNN and MSNBC to defend their fake news reporting. He’s claiming Mueller’s office was not specific enough with their criticism even though it’s fairly obvious that they’re saying their whole report is bullshit.

The anti-Trump crowd on Twitter is having a really hard time coming up with a counter narrative. That’s because they’ve propped up Mueller as a god figure and arbiter of all that is holy and good for the past two years. So they’ve put themselves in a box making it almost impossible for them to criticize Mueller’s debunking of the Buzzfeed report.

Honestly, we didn’t need Mueller to prove that the report was fake news. Buzzfeed has already proven themselves to be an untrustworthy source of information and they based the whole report off of anonymous sources. There was never any credible foundation to this story. It’s just really funny to see the special counsel office come out and denounce it as a hoax. The Jewish media totally embarrassed themselves by pushing this bullshit Buzzfeed report and proved once again that they are truly an enemy of the American people.