LOL: Baltimore Rapper Shot Dead While Leaving Rally Against Gun Violence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2016


Lor Scoota: If Obama had a son, he would be a rapper who gets shot dead while leaving an anti-gun violence rally.

Man, these shootings at Black anti-gun violence rallies are just too much. The first time I read one of these stories my sides went into orbit. And the joke seems to get funnier every time.

The actual behavior of Blacks is like a script written by Nazis about the behavior of Blacks.

NY Daily News:

Right after leaving a rally for peace in Baltimore’s streets, a rapper was ambushed and killed by the gun violence he wanted to end.

Lor Scoota, a rising 23-year-old rapper from Baltimore, known for his infectious “Bird Flu” song in 2014, was gunned down in broad daylight on a busy intersection in the city on Saturday, after the shooter jumped in front of the musician’s car and opened fire.

Investigators believe the ambush was a targeted attack, with Scoota as the intended victim.

“A kid that has been involved in a number of different rallies for peace throughout our city is the latest victim of crime here in Baltimore,” Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told reporters at a press conference on Sunday.

An hour before he was murdered, Scoota, also known by his real name Tyriece Travon Watson, was at the “Touch the People” charity basketball game at Morgan State University.

He was less than a five minute drive away when the shooter, wearing a white bandana, jumped into the street and shot him through the car.

Scoota had been giving back to his community through several peace rallies, and reading books to children on Martin Luther King Jr.



It’s too much!

The problem here – which we do not expect the media to acknowledge – is that Blacks like violence.

It is basic evolutionary biology that your psychology evolves to be at peace with the physical realities of your environment. The environment in which Blacks evolved – the African environment – required non-stop violence for survival. As their survival required it, they grew to enjoy it. Because the people who enjoyed violence were the most likely to be good at it and thus the most likely to pass-on their genes in an environment where survival was based on violence.


The whole situation is really that simple.

In the same way, Northern Europeans are very happy when things are orderly and people get along with one another. The frozen North in which we grew-up required orderliness and collective cooperation for survival, and thus those who most enjoyed orderliness and collective cooperation were the most likely to survive and pass on their genes.

Just so, Blacks are very open and sexually aggressive, while Whites are generally sexually restrained and often even shy about sex.


Black reproductive strategies were based on producing as many children as possible, because of their super-violent environment where people were dying all the time. Because they lived as a collective, it didn’t matter who the fathers of the children were, so there was no need for long-term one-to-one mating.

Conversely, orderly Northern White survival was based on maintaining strong monogamous family units. Sexual promiscuousness was in no way a beneficial trait, as it would lead to a breakdown of the structure of the community.

And you can go on and on and breakdown the biological reasons why the races behave as they do, and see very clearly why it is obviously impossible for them to live among one another peacefully.

It’s very, very simple.

But Jewish “science” has blocked the study of actual human evolutionary biology in relation to the intrinsic behavior patterns of racial groups, leaving us with utterly nonsensical gibberish such as “race doesn’t exist,” then expecting us to come up with sociological explanations for why racial groups – wherever they are on the planet – behave according to an established pattern.


We were well on our way to understanding human evolution in the 19th century, but after WWII, Jews took over all of our systems.


The Jew Franz Boas introduced the “race does not exist” idiocy, and despite the fact that the assertion is retarded on its face, it has become a part of a religious dogma which is unquestionable.

If it was not for the oppressive nature of Jewish rule, we could discuss these things openly in academia, come up with sound and logical conclusions about how the races should interact with each other on the global scale, and implement government policy which is in-line with the biological realities.

All of this would just happen naturally if it were not for the Jew.