LOL: 8 UAE Princess Convicted of Abusing Their Slaves in Belgium

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2017

Princess Sheikha al-Nahyan

This is sort of dumb, because they don’t even use the word “slave,” and even redefined the word “trafficking.”

They also suspended their prison sentences.

But hey – it’s still a pretty funny story.

The UAE is an extremely rich and extremely technologically advanced country, and yet these people still act like utter savages, having slaves and not even treating them nicely – I am not necessarily morally against slavery, per se, but treating slaves badly is certainly immoral – we always treated our slaves very well.


Eight princesses from the United Arab Emirates were given suspended jail terms and fined in a trafficking case in Belgium, escaping the harsher charges of inhumane treatment.

The case against Princess Sheikha al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi’s ruling al-Nahyan family and her seven daughters had been dragging on since 2008.

Back then, a servant managed to escape from a luxury Brussels hotel booked by the UAE royals and complained of mistreatment to the local police.

On Friday, a criminal court in Brussels found Princess Shekha and her daughters guilty of trafficking and degrading treatment. They were handed 15-month suspended sentences and ordered to pay a fine of €165,000 (US$184,000), with half of the sum suspended.

Jeez, even suspending the fine.

As if they don’t have the money, lol.

Defense lawyer Stephen Monod contacted RT via email to clarify that the word “trafficking,” used in the verdict, had nothing to do with “smuggling illegal labor into a country,” but referred “to employing labor in unworthy conditions.“

So the word was “redefined.”

Presumably, to avoid the racist stereotype of brutal human trafficking and slavery being an ingrained part of Moslem and specifically Arab culture.

Because just because it’s true doesn’t mean it is okay to say it.

Not when feelings of brown people are potentially involved, that’s for sure.

The fact that this case was extremely straightforward – they brought slaves to Belgium and then abused them in the country – and yet somehow took 9 years to resolve – shows just how difficult it was for the government of the country to handle a case which confirms all of the worst stereotypes about these monkeys.

However, the eight women, who never appeared in court during the trial, were acquitted of more serious charges of inhumane treatment due to not being actual employers of the servants, De Morgen newspaper reported.


So literal slavery is not as bad as mistreating an employee.

Wow just wow I can’t even.

Where are the feminists and human rights activists???

Defense lawyer Monod expressed his satisfaction that the case was finally resolved, Reuters reported.

“Belgian justice has appropriately assessed this case, which has generated many misconceptions,” a statement by Monod said.

During the trial, the defense has repeatedly blamed the Belgian police of violating the rights of their clients by searching their hotel rooms and questioned the credibility of the testimonies by the witnesses.

The UAE princesses reportedly occupied a whole floor at the Conrad Hotel in Brussels for several months in 2007 and 2008.

They brought 23 servants of eight different nationalities with them, who “were not paid” and “worked day and night and had to sleep on the floor,” according to the Tribune de Geneve paper.

Yeah, “unpaid servants.”

What do you call that, Belgian government?

Do you have a politically correct term for this beyond “unpaid servants”?

You are probably going to need one. Because these vibrants you’re bringing into your country aren’t going to be giving up this particularly diverse cultural practice any time in the near future.

The servants were forbidden from leaving the hotel and were also “shouted at and abused” by the princesses.

In January, the European Court of Human Rights reviewed a case involving a family from Dubai bringing three Philippine servants to Vienna.

The maids were reportedly forced by their masters to take care of the children and household round the clock, receiving threats after every mistake they made.

However, the court decided that the trial had “no realistic chance of success” as the employers had already left the EU and there is no legal basis between the UAE and Austria to carry out such proceedings.

The barbarism of rich Arabs really dismantles the liberal theory that violence and general savagery are unrelated to race, but the result of poverty and oppression and so on.

Dubai: It’s not exactly Lagos. Or Detroit.

Because that is the argument, you know. That is the only real argument.

Oh, and “lack of education.”

But all of the royalty of these rich Arab countries is educated in the UK or other first world countries, or they have schools set up locally with all white teachers.

So that doesn’t really work as an excuse either.

Instead, they just shove all of this sort of stuff under the rug.