Logan Paul and KSI – The Ultimate Battle of Jews Vs. Niggers

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2018

Could it have been anything other than a horrible disappointment?

The world has just been witness to an epic battle, pitting the forces of evil against… other forces of evil.

Yes, I’m referring to the boxing match between the Jewish Paul brothers, and the African Olatunji brothers, both insufferable YouTubers.

Presumably, the goal of the match was to finally settle which I hate more: dirty Jews, or uppity niggers.

Poetically, the main event ended in a draw, which accurately reflects my feelings. Unfortunately, it resulted in all of these people making a veritable fortune, which only reignited my burning hatred for them.

The true loser of this event was White civilization – as is the case whenever anything involves Blacks or kikes.

The Verge:

Like thousands of others, this weekend I traveled to Manchester in England to watch the (sort of) boxing match between two notorious YouTubers: American reprobate Logan Paul and British self-promoter KSI.


Yes, my friends, this man is as British as scones and tea.

A conflict between villains, it was the culmination of an embarrassing series of badly acted trash talk videos and diss tracks. I was entirely ready for this to be a shambolic failure; instead, I got a flawlessly executed circus of bullshit. Logan Paul and KSI’s teams ran a nearly perfect event, showing the packed Manchester Arena the most successful demonstration yet of YouTubers breaking out from their video constraints.

There is basically no way that this “fight” wasn’t fixed to give the “draw” result.

Draws are very uncommon in boxing.

Unfortunately, since the Paul brothers schemed to ensure no one could get their hands on the footage besides Pay Per View cucks, there ain’t no way I’m shelling the money to verify the footage.

The show was more of a Logan Paul x KSI collaboration than a fight of genuine rivalry.Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, also fought KSI’s younger brother Deji Olatunji. Immediately after the fight, Jake announced that he’s launching his own clothing line and that he wants (documented domestic abuser) Chris Brown to be his next opponent.

Lol, this kike will only fight despicable niggers. I guess that might be his one redeeming feature.

It was a perverse mix of brazen commercialism and the infliction of genuine pain: the amateurism of the performers translated into a brawling performance that left most people in the crowd delighted. Whoever it was that they hated, that dude got punched in the face and bled for their entertainment.


Now I almost want to pay to watch it.

But no dice, kikes.

Replace “taxpayers” with “Pay Per View cucks” and this is accurate.

Serving up bloody violence as a $10 pay-per-view on YouTube and charging as much as $200 for floor seats in the arena, this was an affirmation of the enduring bankability of toxic masculinity.

“Toxic masculinity.”

More like toxic Semitism and Negroism.

In executing their contrived feud, the two pairs of brothers sought to assert their superior manliness through base insults about strength, pain tolerance, attire, material possessions, and sexual prowess. You’d think we’d all know better by now that our shared culture would be moving on from such retrograde tropes, but nope.

Frankly, I think our culture would move in a very good direction if more Jews decided to start getting into fist fights with burly negroes.

I just don’t want to pay them for the privilege of watching them get all bloodied and beaten.

P.S.: Also on the fight card was Rucka Rucka Ali, who’s some kind of based libertarian.

So I guess libertarianism has also earned a victory over whatever the fuck the other guy is.