Locusts are Swarming the Planet, Have Been Since February

Did you know that in February of this year, a locust swarm the size of Manhattan blacked out the sky over Saudi Arabia?

Hmm. Interesting, methinks.

Quite a ponderous matter… indeed.

RT, February 3, 2020:

Residents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been faced with the bewildering sight of a truly gargantuan swarm of roughly 360 billion locusts, which can block out the sun at times. But an even bigger swarm is coming soon.

The massive locust swarm measures roughly the size of Manhattan and has caused tens of millions of dollars worth of damage, devastating East Africa in one of the worst outbreaks in decades. 

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has requested over $75 million to tackle the emerging crisis caused by the swarm. The insect outbreak was itself triggered by a series of recent cyclones, which produced ideal breeding conditions for the pests.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment has warned residents not to eat any of the locusts as they are likely contaminated with toxic pesticides.



I don’t remember the details of the reporting we did on this locust swarm at the time, but it is important to note that this was the omen that warned of the collective insanity of the coronavirus hoax and the rise of the violent black-worshiping cult.

The locusts are now over in Pakistan and India, swarming those poor bastards.

It’s probably part of a curse brought upon them for creating Dinesh D’Souza.

Times of India:

A day after attacking several of the villages of trans-Yamuna area of the Prayagraj district swarms of locusts arrived in different urban localities of the city, on Thursday. From beating of utensils to firing crackers, locals were seen trying all tricks to chase away the swarms of locusts.

These swarms of locusts had attacked several of the trans-Yamuna villages of Koraon, Meja, Phulpur, Karchana etc since Tuesday evening. Local administration of these blocks along with villagers had effectively faced the attack of these swarms with the help of spray of chemical by fire tenders and playing of DJ’s along with creating smoke in the fields.

The Chief Development Officer (CDO), Ashish Kumar said, “This is the disperse swarms which is moving towards Kaushambi after our action against them in Bahadurpur and other block on the Wednesday night, as it is day time, they would not settle down but still locals and civic administration have been asked to fire crackers and make lot of sound so that they keep on moving”.

The official further added that the district administration of Kaushambi along with the state and central monitoring agencies have been informed about the latest development.

This Indian chief is planning action against this swarm, for the Indian nation is a nation of action. Or so I’ve been told. Didn’t really believe it when I was told it, but this is certainly their moment of truth.


I would rather be dealing with a swarm of locusts than a swarm of BLACKS.

If you think this isn’t the BIBLICAL END TIMES, then I’ve got news for you, buddy: your assessment is the opposite of correct.

Why do you think the media isn’t talking about these gigantic swarms of insects wreaking havoc upon the earth?

It’s because they don’t want you to know that our final doom is already upon us.