Lockdown Protests: Healthcare Worker Cunts Clash with People Who Think They Have Rights

We cannot put the economy above the life of even just one obese boomer, regardless of how many people will die because of the economic collapse. It is worth it to save a single life, even if millions will die as a result.

At least all those who die of suicide, opioid overdoses, wars and possibly even malnutrition, will know that their deaths are not in vain.

At least they’ll die knowing that their starving families don’t have blood on their hands.

Daily Mail:

Healthcare workers took to the streets Wednesday to counter-demonstrate against anti-lockdown protesters across the US, reminding the social distancing rebels of the fatal implications their actions could pose to the lives of front-line workers.

Protesters across the country in Virginia, California, New York, Colorado, Arizona and Vermont defied lockdown orders and protested in the streets, demanding governors lift lockdown orders as the economy struggles and millions are left unemployed.

In Richmond demonstrators gathered in cars for a drive-in protest while some more raucous mavericks gathered on foot outside Capitol Square to decry Governor Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home orders, which are slated to last through June 10.

But among the relentless din of cries to re-open the economy, stood silently on the side of the procession was Dr. Erich Bruhn and his wife Kristen, a former nurse.

Dressed in white lab coats and wearing face masks, the couple held placards in front of them, bluntly telling the restless crowd ‘You have no right to put us at risk. Go Home!’

Kristen, meanwhile clutched a sign reading ‘Sign up here to DIE for the economy’, an ironic jibe at the crowd’s willingness to enlist in a protest amid a global pandemic, while healthcare workers are given no such choice.

Similar anti-lockdown demonstrations were held across the US on Wednesday in California, New York and Vermont, with thousands defying stay-at-home orders to demand governors reopen their state’s economies as a restlessness grows across the country.

As of Wednesday evening, the US had more than 850,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 48,000 deaths.

In Los Angeles a demonstration dubbed ‘Operation Gridlock LA’ unfolded where honking cars waving American flags gathered outside City Hall.

In Vermont demonstrators braved the snow outside the Statehouse in Montpelier to rally for the end of the state lockdown. A group of nurses counter-protested against their demands, wearing their scrubs and facemasks.

In Albany, New York protesters gathered in front of the State Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon in a protest organized by the group ReOpen New York State.

Meanwhile in Richmond, prostesters waved American flags, some dressed in army garb, holding signs saying ‘Liberate Virginia’ and ‘Feeding my Family is Essential’ in the protest organized by conservative group ReOpen Virginia.

If we don’t come together now to get this economy back open and running and healthy, we could very well not have an economy at all when we decide to do it,’ David Britt, organizer of the Reopen Virginia rally, said NBC10.

The protesters gathered an hour before Virginia lawmakers flocked to the capitol for one-day legislative session to review amendments from Governor Northam on 1,291 pieces of legislation including budget amendments.

People are still waiting for an explanation for why health care workers, the so called “essential” workers, have time to go out and counter-protest in the middle of what’s supposed to be an extreme crisis “overwhelming the hospitals.”

It must be especially strenuous given that they also have to work on choreographed dance routines every day.

But there they are, out telling people they don’t have rights. Because they’re in charge. They’re the new cops.

The entire country is demanding we be given our lives back.

This is the biggest grassroots protest movement ever, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger.

White people, of all age groups, are coming together and standing up against the absurd oppression being brought down on them by the Jewish occupation government.

Some of the signs are really great. “My body, my choice – I choose to work!” is especially poignant. I do wish there was a sign about Andrew Cuomo’s nipples.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what they do when they find out their lives are gone, that there is nothing to go back to, because this stupid lockdown completely collapsed the economy, and we’re now in a mode of trying to find food to eat.

We should remember the experts and politicians that caused this, and remember that these smug health care workers were their collaborators.

These women have jumped at the opportunity to tell people want to do. They don’t care what the consequences are, they just want control.

These cunts are going to loom large in the new society.

Arms crossed, horrible posture: they are your mommies now.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.