Lockdown Madness: Families Found Dead, Murder-Suicides, Wife Killings, Stabbings

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Pictured: the United Kingdom right now.

Blood is pouring. Heads are rolling. The coronavirus lockdown is worse than the outbreak.

Daily Mail:

Nine people have died in a string of domestic killings as Britain entered its second week under the coronavirus quarantine.

The bodies of four people and a dead dog were found at a house in Sussex after a man was charged with killing his wife in South Wales.

An NHS nurse was also stabbed to death in the street in South Yorkshire and three died in an apparent murder-suicide in Hertfordshire.

It comes on the seventh day of Britain’s unprecedented lockdown to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Two adults and two children were found dead on Sunday evening at a house in Woodmancote, Sussex.

Police found the bodies – believed to be from the same family – and the dog after responding to a report of concern for the occupants.

A spokesman confirmed the force has launched a murder inquiry after the grim discovery at around 6.45pm on Sunday.

Today, 69-year-old Anthony Williams from Brynglas, Cwmbran, South Wales, appeared in court accused of murdering his ‘lovely’ wife during self-isolation.

Even the dog was killed!

It’s only been two weeks and they’re already killing everyone — even dogs!

In South Yorkshire, NHS nurse and mother-of-three Woodhall, 31, was stabbed multiple times last night outside her home in the village of Middlecliffe, Barnsley.

Her husband Craig Woodhall, a former soldier, fled the scene with the couple’s two sons and daughter before he was later arrested by armed police.

The children were unharmed.

The fork lift truck driver, 40, who married Mrs Woodhall seven months ago, is currently in custody to be questioned about the killing.

Detectives are investigating the deaths of Gary Walker, 57, his wife Caroline, 50, and their 24-year-old daughter Katie after the were found at their home by emergency crews on Sunday in Hemel Hempstead.

Major Crime Unit Detective Inspector Iain MacPherson said: ‘We are dealing with three suspicious deaths and are not looking for anyone else in connection to this incident at this time.’

Everyone is going insane.

In India, people are already running around naked and biting others to death.

This lockdown and self-isolation period will push people over the edge, and there’ll be a lot more murder-suicides, suicides, murders, killings, and all kinds of insanity.

The lockdown death toll will likely be higher than the Corona death toll.