Doomed: Lockdown Greatly Increases Eating Disorders in Teens and Adults

No one ever could have predicted something like this would happen.


Many hospital beds are full. Waiting lists for outpatient treatment are bulging. And teens and adults seeking help for eating disorders are often finding it takes months to get an appointment.

The pandemic created treacherous conditions for eating disorders, leading to a surge of new cases and relapses that is not abating as restrictions are loosened and COVID-19 cases subside in many places, doctors and other specialists say.

We are absolutely seeing massive increases,” said Jennifer Wildes, an associate psychiatry professor and director of an outpatient eating disorders program at the University of Chicago Medicine. Some patients are waiting four to five months to get treatment such as psychotherapy and sometimes medication. Waits usually lasted only a few weeks pre-pandemic, Wildes said.

Her program is treating about 100 patients, a near doubling since before the pandemic, she said.

The Emily Program, a University of Minnesota-affiliated eating disorders treatment program, is experiencing the same thing.

Daily calls from people seeking treatment have doubled, from roughly 60 in 2019 to up to 130 since the pandemic began, said dietitian Jillian Lampert, the program’s chief strategy officer.

’’We know that anxiety and isolation are typically very significant components of eating disorders,” she said.

Some patients say ’’my life feels out of control” because of the pandemic and they resort to binge eating as a coping mechanism, Lampert said. Others have taken the message ‘’don’t gain the pandemic 15’’ to the extreme, restricting their diets to the point of anorexia.

They continue to say “because of the pandemic” and we have to keep pointing out: nothing is happening because of any pandemic.

Firstly, there is no evidence that there is a pandemic.

Secondly, even if there was a pandemic, you would not quarantine the healthy.

They invented the idea that you could be infected with a flu virus and spread it without showing any symptoms. That idea had not existed before. They used this to quarantine the healthy, those at low risk and those at no risk. This is according to their own data.

Every negative outcome attributed to “the pandemic” is actually due to the government response to “the pandemic.” But in the media’s language, there is no difference between the virus and the government response – both are referred to as “the pandemic.”

No one developed a mental health problem because of a flu virus. People developed mental health problems because they were locked in their houses and fed cartoonish fear propaganda 24/7 by the entire Jewish media.

This is a person from the AP story:

Peyton Crest, 18

The person has gone full skeleton.

Most of the people with “eating disorders” are probably going in the other direction.

We said all of this more than a year ago now when they first moved from “flatten the curve” to “lockdown forever”: the effects on society are not measurable.

When you include the mental health problems, the divorces, the murders and suicides, the increase in substance abuse and the overdoses, you get an immeasurable amount of human suffering that was created by the government supposedly to stop people in their 70s and 80s (and up) from getting the flu and dying.

These same government officials who were trying to save these elderly were on the record trying to create government policy to kill off old people.

Jewish Democrat operative Zeke Emanuel was the architect of Obamacare, which had “death panels” where “experts” would decide to cut off treatment for old people and let them die. In 2014, he wrote an op-ed for The Atlantic entitled “Why I Hope to Die at 75.”

He was then the very first person that we heard say back in April of 2020 that the lockdown should be permanent until the vaccine to protect people in their 70s and 80s from dying of the flu comes out.

Even with the fake statistics, these are the official government numbers for “coronavirus deaths”:

We have destroyed the lives of young people, we have destroyed the economy and destroyed the future with this insane agenda.

People went along with the government because they are dumbed down, docile, domesticate creatures. We allowed the government to crash our entire civilization, and many people went along with the madness out of ridiculous fear.

During the Black Plague in Europe there was no lockdown.

There has never been a lockdown, ever. It is a new idea that no one had ever heard of before. It was planned as a way to hurt society, to massively transfer wealth from the middle class to the elite, to take away everyone’s freedoms.

It is simply amazing that we are still having this conversation more than a year later.