Lockdown-Free Sweden Records Lowest Number of Corona Cases Since March, Beats Nordic Neighbors

While most of the West is promoting more lockdowns, more social distancing and more restriction of people’s freedoms, Sweden recorded its lowest number of coronavirus cases since March. That is without ever doing a lockdown and without ever telling Swedes to wear masks.

If our rulers had our best interests in mind and really cared about our health, they would follow Sweden’s lead and stop ruining the economy and people’s lives.

But by now, it is clear that the plan of our rulers is not what they say it is.

Daily Mail:

Sweden has recorded its fewest daily cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic’s peak in March.

The Scandinavian country, which was initially criticised for not implementing a lockdown, is now seeing significantly fewer cases than other European hotspots.

Its rolling seven-day average stood at 108 on Tuesday, its lowest number since March 13.

Only 1.2 per cent of Sweden’s 120,000 tests last week came back positive, date from their national health agency shows, according to The Guardian.

Their 14-day accumulative total of new cases is 22.2 for every 100,000 inhabitants, compared to 279 in Spain, 158.5 in France, 118 in the Czech Republic, 77 in Belgium and 59 in the UK.

All those countries imposed lockdowns in the grips of the pandemic in March but Sweden opted for a lighter approach which now appears to be paying off.

It is even outperforming its Scandinavian neighbours, Norway and Denmark, suggesting their approach may have helped them in the long term.

Sweden kept open schools for children under 16, banned gatherings of more than 50 people and told over-70s and vulnerable groups to self-isolate.

Shops, bars and restaurants stayed open throughout the pandemic and the wearing of masks has not been advised by the government.

In Sweden, the death rate has been falling steadily since April despite a peak of cases in the summer – with the country’s top epidemiologist saying that deaths can be kept low without drastic lockdown measures.

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, who has become the face of the no-lockdown strategy, said in a recent interview that voluntary hygiene measures had been ‘just as effective’ as complete shutdowns.

Anthony Fauci purposefully destroyed America as part of some lunatic conspiracy. Anders Tegnell saved his country from a globalist plot. 

‘The rapidly declining cases we see in Sweden right now is another indication that you can get the number of cases down quite a lot in a country without having a complete lockdown,’ he told Unherd.

Tegnell added that ‘deaths are not so closely connected to the amount of cases you have in a country’, saying the death rate was more closely linked to whether older people are being infected and how well the health system can cope.

‘Those things will influence mortality a lot more, I think, than the actual spread of the disease,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Swedish economic activity has started to pick up and the effects of the downturn look less severe than previously feared.

Sweden was criticized heavily for its decision to go against what other countries were doing. Now that the no-lockdown strategy proved to be objectively better than the lunatic lockdown strategy, why aren’t the rest of the Western governments following Sweden’s lead?

The Swedish graph went up and went down, just like Anders Tegnell said it would.

It’s even better when you remember that Sweden didn’t sacrifice the mental health of the people, the economy and the entire fundamental order of society.

The Swede model worked. They solved the problem.

There is no excuse not to copy their approach now.