Lockdown Artist and Most Famous Liar Anthony Fauci Says He’s Not Going to Do a National Lockdown Yet

As many of us have now come to understand, Dr. Anthony Fauci is the most powerful figure in the United States, and thereby, in the entire Western world.

His word is law.

If he tells you not to wear a mask, you don’t wear a mask. If he tells you to wear a mask, you wear a mask. If he tells you you can’t go to church or the gym, if he tells you you have to stand apart from each other, if he tells you it’s too bad but your business has to be destroyed, if he tells you all the money goes to Jeff Bezos – you do what the hell he tells you to do.

If he tells you to lock down, you lock that bitch down.

He’s told 60 Minutes that he doesn’t want to do a national lockdown “unless it gets really bad.”

Of course, how bad it is is something totally subjective, and he’s the one who decides it.

So all his statement actually means is: “you’ll do it when I tell you to do it.”

Personally, I think we should have been allowed to vote for Anthony Fauci before he was made our ultimate supreme leader.


I think probably people would have seen clips of him saying that HIV-AIDS is totally unrelated to homosexuality, and probably come to the conclusion that he isn’t really totally on the ball, and shouldn’t be able to be a supreme leader with more power than any leader has ever had in the entirety of human history, in terms of his ability to strip individuals of their most basic rights.

I mean, political correctness, sure. Let’s all be politically correct. But “AIDS has no relationship to homosexuality”? Surely, that is beyond “political correctness” and just a moronic lie, isn’t it?

We’ll watch the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday and let you know if there’s anything else of note in it. It is mostly just a bunch of dumb lies intended to appeal to the paranoid and delusional while also seeming somehow reasonable because of his tone of voice and loving mannerisms. But maybe there are more bombshells.

Stay tuned.