Local News Threatening Mainstream Media’s Coronavirus Narrative, Mainstream Media Says

The media has already completely erased the alternative media.

And it was the media that did that. Just go back and look at the way the Daily Stormer and Infowars got banned. Or the way Donald Trump got banned. It was almost entirely due to media demands. Tech companies resisted the demands of the Anti-Defamation League for a decade, but they decided they could not stand against and organized campaign by the media.

(Tech companies didn’t care about free speech, other than probably Twitter, but censorship hurts their bottom line. They decided the bottom line would be more hurt by the media spreading malicious rumors and attacks against them than by succumbing to censorship.)

After Stormer was banned from every American service, a Jew journalist was literally posting various translations of complaints to send to foreign countries to demand we be banned. So that went completely outside of the tech industry. This website has had zero connection to any American company since 2017, because every single company banned us.

Alex Jones was literally banned from Twitter for complaining about a homosexual Iranian CNN journalist who got him banned from YouTube.

So, the alternative media is dead. There are a few cuckold GOP establishment shills like Jack Posobiec and Paul Joseph Watson AKA “Pauly Two Names” left on Twitter, but there’s obviously going to be another major purge after the recent upset in Virginia.

Now, they’re looking ahead to how they can shut down local news in middle America, as it is still partially run by normal middle class white people, who occasionally might have slight disagreements with the mainstream Jewish media.

The Guardian:

Since the start of the pandemic, local newspapers, broadcast television and radio stations across the United States have been among the most popular sources for information about Covid-19. Many anti-vaccine activists as well as doctors and groups promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments have turned to those same channels to spread their message.

Prominent spreaders of medical disinformation, including Dr Joseph Mercola, who misinformation researchers have identified as one of the most prolific online promoters of anti-vaccine falsehoods, and members of the Children’s Health Defense organization – anti-vaccine activist Robert F Kennedy Jr’s group – have appeared on local radio shows or published editorials in local newspapers promoting conspiracy theories about vaccine safety.

Although local outlets lack the audience size of national broadcasters or newspapers, researchers say they can provide a veneer of legitimacy to fringe groups, amplifying their message. Americans have a greater degree of trust in Covid-19 information from local outlets compared with news media in general, a 2020 Pew research study found. And even a brief segment or article on local news can have a second life on social media platforms, where anti-vax groups and advocates of dubious Covid-19 treatments widely promote their content.

You have somebody grab something off an obscure website that looks like a newspaper, post it on Facebook and pretty soon the Facebook algorithm takes over,” said Penny Abernathy, a professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School and author of several books on the news industry.

Penny Abernathy knows the exact way the world works.

The US has a varied and vast local news landscape that includes broadcast stations, print and digital newspapers, each with their own vulnerabilities to spreading anti-vaccine narratives.

The format of local news, with its staunch adherence to the appearance of neutrality, can also create openings for misinformation. In some instances, anti-vaccine activists have been given equal time as opposing voices during televised coverage of vaccinations – as was the case in a local NBC News San Diego report last November that gave airtime to an avowed anti-vax organization for a segment on “Mixed Reactions About Covid-19 Vaccine.” The result was a false equivalence between the two sides, presenting anti-vaccine activists as a contrarian viewpoint, rather than debunking their medical misinformation. NBC News San Diego did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s an old tradition in journalism to get both sides of the story and unfortunately that tradition has carried a little too far into the science coverage domain,” said Rick Weiss, the director of SciLine, an organization that connects reporters with scientists and is based out of the non-profit American Association for the Advancement of Science. “But when there’s just overwhelming evidence that something is true and other things are not true, that’s not the time to give equal coverage.”

The goal is absolute control of the narrative, with no exceptions. They’re very close to that now.

Tucker Carlson is still on the air of course. But otherwise, the mainstream media is fully locked down. (Honestly, they probably don’t like even total shills like Sean Hannity.)

Censorship is really the big play. They believe they can control everyone’s thoughts simply by controlling access to information.

The arguments in their little meetings is that to compete with China, they have to act like the Chinese government. However, the basic reality fact is that China does not attempt to manipulate the order of nature with their censorship, and unlike the American program, it is not very seriously enforced.

In China, the only thing you’re not allowed to do on the internet is attempt to subvert the government. In America, the list of things you’re not allowed to do is endless, and infects virtually every single aspect of human nature, directly attacking it.

This is to say: political censorship is one thing, and that can work, especially when it is as simple as “don’t say the government is bad” (Chinese people are not banned from questioning the policies of the government, just the government itself as an entity – and again, it’s barely enforced, and most of the censorship is about blocking malicious Western gay and feminist propaganda).

Attempting to completely reformat a society’s entire social order to redefining the nature of man via censorship is something that has never been tried, and cannot actually work. These people running things are not creative. Even their evil ideas are very stupid and poorly formulated.

I’ve said it before: if you look at the left and right in the West, you can imagine that we are all pieces in a video game that God is playing against the devil. The devil’s soldiers are basically glitching out, as they are just totally unable to perform the tasks the devil needs them to perform.