Local News Anchor Exposes Jew-Soros Invasionist Plot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2016

Here you have a local news anchor from Fargo, North Dakota exposing a Jewish plot to flood his town with terrorists from everywhere.

He openly names the Jews Michael Bloomberg, Steve Ballmer, Bob Iger and George Soros as being part of the “Partnership for a New American Economy.” This new economy the Jews are planning will be based on you paying your tax money for brown people to live for free in your homes while they rob you, rape your women and blow you up.

The Jews are claiming that Fargo is a great place to send these rape-apes, and that the people there love the idea. Meanwhile, polls show that virtually no one in Fargo wants these terrorists living among them.

This is a fantastic presentation, the type you are never going to see on the national news. You can still get away with certain things on local news; because so few people actually see it, the Jews spend much less energy controlling it.