Local Goy Makes Good: Austin’s Super-Brave Jew Mayor Responds to Daily Stormer

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2017

Why the long nose, I mean face, Stevie boy?

Throughout modern history, there have been stunning acts of courage that highlight the better, more valiant side of humanity.

There was Charles Lindbergh’s daring transatlantic flight…

The heroism of the NYPD and the New York Fire Department in the wake of the September 11th attacks…

And more recently, the gallant fearlessness of one noble mayor who, in a move that was totally not contrived virtue-signaling or a cheap ploy to score political points, told mentally-ill cross-dressing men that they could join the Austin Police Department, Trump’s military ban be damned!

We’re reaching levels of bravery that shouldn’t be possible!

Apparently, some real mean cyber-bullies were jealous of the attention the mayor’s brave stance was earning him. One of them even wrote an article denouncing this groundbreaking and sensible plan to arm people who can’t figure out what chromosomes they have. But the mayor was undeterred, doubling down on his stance, no matter how risky and edgy that might be.

Austin Chronicle:

Mayor Steve Adler has drawn the ire of a popular white supremacist website after he invited transgender military members to join the Austin Police Department in the wake of President Trump’s currently toothless ban on their service.

“Austin’s Jew Mayor Demands Tranny Police Force,” wrote author Goy Orbison (which we cannot imagine is his real name) in a crass, anti-Semitic July 31 post on the Daily Stormer. A Southern Poverty Law Center-designated neo-Nazi hate group, the website’s leader, Andrew Anglin, is credited with helping rally white nationalists behind the Trump campaign. SPLC, which describes the web forum as “the leading extremist website in the country,” sued the publication for its call to threaten and harass a Jewish woman last year.

Boy that’s some crack deduction skills this reporter has. Next she’ll be telling us “Adolf Joe Biden” and “A Wyatt Mann” aren’t real names either.

This broad’s grammar skills need a quite a bit of work too. Is this really a professional journalist?

Apparently so, and she’s been published in all sorts of other liberal outlets.

“Intersection,” “reproductive rights,” “social justice,” “women’s health” – yep, we’ve got a generic shitlib on our hands.

Side note: Will you disingenuous twats quit it with the “reproductive rights” and the “women’s health” nonsense? You’re not fooling anyone. Anytime those Orwellian phrases are used, it’s in reference to contraception and abortion (baby murder). No one is preventing you from reproducing. You’re all a bunch of infantilized, selfish idiots that need to grow up and start popping out babies.

This obsession with abortion among our women and the idea of reframing it as a heroic act are reflections of a sick, sick society.

Orbison bashed Austin’s “degenerate pervert lifestyles”; the late Leslie Cochran; and Greg Abbink, APD’s first openly transgender officer. He also slammed Adler for his opposition to anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4, writing that the mayor wants to harbor “illegal invaders.”

Adler’s spokesperson Jason Stanford told the Chronicle that the mayor doesn’t plan “to lose any sleep if this upsets a few Nazis … Austin is the safest big city in Texas partly because we know that our differences make us stronger. If that means trans troops can help us here in Austin, that’s great.”

I have a feeling that Austin’s wealthier white majority is a bigger factor when it comes to safety than the celebration of cock-choppers.

Why even respond if this doesn’t bother you? Clearly it does, or else you would’ve just ignored it instead of having your spokesman respond to comments that someone with a goofy fake name made on the internet.

He even announced it on his Facebook page, which the ADL proudly shared.

“Yep. This matters to me so little that I took time out of my day to announce it to my Faceberg followers. Totally don’t even care. No siree bob.”

Adler is what is commonly referred to as a “petty ass.” Apparently this clown just can’t help himself when it comes to responding to internet criticism.

Austin-American Statesman:

Adler has deftly handled several instances in which people blasted hateful messages at him. In May, after a man sent an email complaining in sexist terms about female-only screenings of “Wonder Woman,” Adler sent a witty reply alerting the writer “that your email account has been hacked by an unfortunate and unusually hostile individual” whose “uninformed and sexist rantings (may) give you a bad name.”

Adler’s full response (posted on his mayoral website) is so cringey and douche-chill inducing, you will involuntarily make “the Butthead Face” upon reading it.

Last year, after voters defeated a referendum on ride-hailing rules that led to Uber and Lyft leaving town, Adler put up a post spotlighting some of the most profane tweets he had received on the topic.

This just in: people are mean on the internet. Don’t you have a city to run, Jewboy?

Adler’s soyboy bugman came to his defense again, dishing out the zingers.

Adler spokesman Jason Stanford issued this statement: “The thing about white supremacists is they always do a good job disproving their own hypothesis.

That’s some big talk coming from a guy who can’t even get his own wife to take his last name.

tfw you’re such a loathsome cuck, your wife would risk dying in space just to get away from you.

Thanks for the free promotion, dummies. Although it’s not really worth much, since we get way more traffic than both of your sites.

Maybe start telling the truth and people will actually read your shoddy newspapers.