Local Governments at US Border Weigh Using Taxpayer Funds to Help Goblin Newmericanos

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2019

Cities suffering the gift of goblin enrichment are considering using taxpayer money to improve the lives of these precious little green ones that want to permanently visit America.

Some of them have already wasted actual Americans’ money on the Newmericanos, and there was a backlash from offended residents. However, given the lack of a proper final solution to the mass-visiting of goblin permanent tourists, it’s unlikely the spending will stop anytime soon.

These creatures are money-eating black holes.

USA Today:

The number of asylum-seeking families that federal officials are releasing in Tucson has been fluctuating greatly. In the past few weeks, they’ve overwhelmed the city’s existing network of permanent and temporary shelters run by area nonprofits.

As a result, Tucson and Pima County officials were forced to open temporary shelters to house an overflow of families arriving to the city.

Those are among the latest examples of local governments along the U.S.-Mexico border stepping in to fill a void in order to address an issue they considered to be the responsibility of the federal government.

“We’ve got a broken federal policy. I don’t think that’s a secret to anybody,” Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said.

Roy Rodriguez, the city manager of McAllen, Texas, put it more bluntly.

We need the federal government to take over this operation,” he said.

What we need is for the federal government to build an effective physical barrier at the border so this whole “operation” is not needed in the first place, rather than just disguising the problem by offloading the burden of cost.

As nonprofits struggle to house and care for the number of families released border-wide, city, county and even state governments are starting to take a greater, more direct role in the humanitarian response to their arrival in their communities.

But the involvement of local governments at the U.S.-Mexico border has varied from state to state.

It ranges from a coordinating role in cities such as San Diego, to more proactive efforts in cities like McAllen or Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Las Cruces recently set aside $500,000 to help care for migrant families, the most of any local government.

But the move was met with immediate backlash from angry residents, illustrating the challenges and balancing act many of these border communities must face: how to cope with the sustained release of migrant families in their area, while providing some much-needed relief and assistance to overstretched nonprofits bearing the brunt of the humanitarian response.

In the past five months, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released 153,000 migrants traveling as families into border communities in the U.S. That doesn’t include thousands of other families that Border Patrol has been releasing directly in Texas and Arizona.

South Texas has had the largest numbers of families released to date. According to its statistics, ICE has released 62,200 migrants in five months in this area. In mid-March, Border Patrol officials in the Rio Grande Valley also began directly releasing migrants.

It’s good that residents are angry. This touches their pockets in a blatant way, which makes the whole “peaceful” invasion thing more personal for them. It makes it more real.

Most people who are not self-hating masochists are likely to strongly refuse to pay for brown legume apes if they realize that that is what is being asked from them.

While all border communities have struggled with the release of migrant families, cities along the Arizona and Texas borders have had little support from their state governments.

That’s not the case in California, where the state has pledged $5 million in immediate emergency funding this year to boost nonprofits working with newly released families.

The state from the very beginning was there, and to this day, the state is the most significant funder,” said Michael Hopkins, the CEO for Jewish Family Service, which operates the main migrant shelter in San Diego. They’ve helped about 12,000 migrants since October.

To date, Jewish Family Services and the San Diego Rapid Response Network, a collective of migrant aid nonprofits in southern California, have already received $2.5 million. And they could get up to $7 million more in the next fiscal year’s budget, Hopkins said.

White genocide isn’t real, goy. You’re just an anti-Semite. Jews don’t conspire to destroy whites. It’s all in your head.

On April 25, the Las Cruces City Council unanimously passed a resolution setting aside $500,000 to help the city pay for overtime and other expenses related to its response to the migrant family releases.

That’s in addition to $75,000 the council allocated the week before to area nonprofits housing the migrants dropped off in Las Cruces.

These goblins would be incapable of returning all the money wasted on them even if they worked all their lives. Fortunately for them, there won’t be anyone left to return the money to.

One after one, several Las Cruces residents angrily denounced the council’s intent to set aside that money.

Residents like Cornelio Martinez, who moved there four years ago, urged the council to instead spend the $500,000 on services and programs for the homeless, for veterans, and local residents.

It’s unbelievable what you guys are doing. You think you’re doing good. I’m a veteran. These people are invading my country that I fought for,” he said as several attendees applauded. “How can you allow this?

Look, pal. This isn’t the 1600s anymore. We have human rights now, and in current year we don’t say “invading” because that’s against the human rights of goblins — what they’re doing is not invading but looking for a better life.

Can you blame someone for just looking for a better life?

No, you can’t. Not even if that better life is your life. That would be racist.

However, even residents who expressed more sympathy for the migrant families said they had concerns that the city’s response to help migrant families would overburden emergency services and first-responders should another emergency situation develop.

There are no infinite resources. Wasting money on goblin welfare takes that money from somewhere else, and this applies not only to money but to any resource. Jobs, land and even time.

When foreigners take jobs from Americans, those jobs are removed from the pool of available jobs for Americans to take.

When foreigners are allowed to immigrate into the United States, the place they inhabit is removed from the pool of available places for Americans to inhabit. Houses, neighborhoods and even cities. Changing demographics also means redistributing resources.

Redistributing resources always means taking something from white people and giving it to browns and blacks, because everything’s about white genocide.

Is there a better way to deal with this problem? One Border Militia member thinks so.

TYT Investigates:

Why are we just apprehending them and not lining them up and shooting them,” a border militia member in New Mexico is alleged to have said of border migrants that the group had been monitoring.

We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber,” the militia member, Armando Gonzalez, is also alleged to have said. Gonzalez did not respond to multiple requests for comment by TYT.

The disturbing comments appear in an April 24 police report containing allegations by a former member of the militia group. The former member, Steven Brant, contacted the Sunland Park Police Department to notify them of what he called “terroristic threats” he had witnessed by the group. The report was produced by the Sunland Park Police Department and was obtained by TYT through a public records request.