LMAO: NC Blacks Form “Stop Killing Our Own People” Group

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2016


Meanwhile, in real life…

The media talks non-stop about alleged White-on-Black violence, which data shows doesn’t really even exist.

However, in Black communities, they have a different concern: Black-on-Black violence. Coincidentally – it’s a coincidence because race doesn’t exist – this is the same concern Blacks in Africa (and everywhere else on the planet) tend to have.

A North Carolina Black group has formed a tragically/hilariously-named group to fight this ongoing issue.

The Times News:

Before beginning any discussion, the first order of business Thursday for the small group gathered in the Mayco Bigelow Center was to remember the black victims who have lost their lives to violence in Burlington.

One by one, Lonetta Love read the names of the city of Burlington’s 23 black homicide victims from the past decade. The vast majority lost their lives at the hands of black suspects.

“The issue of black on black crime is widespread,” said Love, the single mother behind the newly formed coalition SKOOP, or Stop Killing Our Own People. “It is bigger than any one organization or project. I believe we all have to come together as leaders in organizations and teachers and mentors to accomplish this. And together, I believe that we can.”

The meeting Thursday, a day after the city of Burlington’s final “community conversations” event on gun violence, involved a small, hand-picked group of mothers, teachers and concerned citizens wanting to turn around the trend of black-on-black violence in Burlington.

The group was joined by Assistant Chief Chris Verdeck of the Burlington Police Department and Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson.

“It needs to stop, and the only way we can stop it is with your help,” Verdeck told the group. “And there needs to be 100 times more people in this room. We need to be spilling out into the hallway with people that are fed up with this garbage going on in our community, and until we get to that point it’s not going to change. Until we get to the point that people are willing to stand up and fight for their community, it’s not going to change. And that’s plain and simple.”

Love, a single mother of three, moved to Apple Street in 2007 while she worked to save up money to relocate to a better neighborhood.

“The amount of damage it did to my family was detrimental,” she said.

Her son, 12 at the time, had dreams of going to Cornell and becoming a veterinarian. Despite Love’s efforts, he fell into the wrong crowds and became involved in crime.

At 18, he was flown to UNC Hospitals after being stabbed in the chest in Burlington. Several convictions later, he’s in prison.


One thing banning guns isn’t going to fix: stabbings.

In all honesty, the solution to Black violence is a return to slavery.

That is the only period in the existence of Blacks that they didn’t have this problem (at least on anything close to this scale).


“Mate, I present to you my dude Tyrone. He’s a pretty cool guy.”

In fact, Blacks loved slavery and regretted its end.