LMAO “Assassinated” Journalist Reveals Himself at Press Conference in Kiev

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2018

Someone OD’d on spy thriller novels.


Ukraine staged the murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev on Tuesday in what it said was a sting operation to foil a Russian assassination plot.

Arkady Babchenko sent shock waves around the world when he arrived at a news conference on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after being reported dead.

Ukrainian security chief Vasyl Hrytsak said a sting had been set up to catch hitmen paid by Russian forces.

Russia described events in Kiev as an “anti-Russian provocation”.

Ukrainian police say they made one arrest.

Babchenko’s wife said on Tuesday she had found her husband at the entrance to their apartment block with bullet wounds in his back, and he was reported to have died in an ambulance on the way to hospital.

That story was widely reported by media around the world, until Wednesday’s sudden and extraordinary development.

There were gasps and applause at the press conference in Kiev as Babchenko entered the room. He thanked the Ukrainian security services for saving his life and said he had had no choice but to take part in the sting.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Perhaps this is a conspiracy, and the man standing before us at the press conference is merely wearing Babchenho’s face, like the skin-changer from Game of Thrones. Obviously in the employ of the Russians, of course.

Or perhaps it’s more like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn coming back from the dead to their own funeral. A simple misunderstanding with a simple climax as the prodigal son returns home.

Or perhaps I’m low-balling it.

Perhaps this is something truly biblical that we are witnessing like the resurrection of Christ.

The more banal explanation: this was a botched Ukrainian intelligence false flag to blame on Russia in the run-up to a campaign against Donetsk during the World Cup.

The “woke” Kievan narrative: this was a sting operation to reveal secret Russian operatives trying to kill Babchenko.

The enlightened Stormer perspective: dude looks like a low-T mensch and worse, he’s a journalist. Russia probably didn’t want to assassinate him, but they should go ahead and do so now, just to send a message to the world.

But wait, it seems that the journalists still have a modicum of self-awareness:

Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, a former colleague of Babchenko, said the sting had “crossed a line big time”.

“Babchenko is a journalist not a policeman, for Christ sake, and part of our job is trust, whatever Trump & Putin say about fake news,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m glad he is alive, but he undermined even further the credibility of journalists and the media.” 

Yeah, no shit man.

You guys really blew it. The entire world media was accusing Putin of murdering innocent journalists and trying to get countries to boycott the World Cup/go to war with Russia.

And it turned out that it all was some of the fakest news that has come out in recent years. 

Ya done goofed, lol.

You gave the Russians their counter-narrative on a silver platter.

Now, whenever you try to put blame on Putin for something, he’ll just point out – rightly so I might add – that you have literally no journalistic integrity or credibility to speak of.

Everyone in the West figured this out during the Trump campaign, but now you’re helping bring Eastern Europe up to speed.

And for that, we here at the Stormer thank you.