Liz Wahl RT Resignation was Indeed a Jew Plot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2014

Liz Wahl and James Kirchick: Don't they look cute together?
Liz Wahl and James Kirchick: Don’t they look cute together?

After uppity Filipina Liz Wahl resigned from RT, citing her parents alleged Hungarian origins, I called out the filthy homosexual neoconservative Jew James Kirchick as the mastermind of the plot.  Infowars then did a piece on the topic.

Now, Truthdig has dug up more dirt on this idiot hoax, showing that it was indeed planned by neoconservative Jews for the purpose of furthering their Russian war agenda.

The report shows that the neocon think tank, Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), founded by Jews Robert Kagan and William Kristol, is waging a war against the alternative media in an attempt to portray Russia as the bad guy in the minds of the people.  FPI is really just a rebranding of the now-dead Project for a New American Century, which received very bad publicity after the Jews used it to plan the 9/11 attacks and launch a series of endless wars against Muslims.

Just before the Filipina Wahl, whose name indicates she is half-Jew, made her dramatic, goofy presentation on RT, FPI posted a series of Tweets indicating that they were aware of what was going to happen.

Either these Jews are back into that psychic research, or...
Either these Jews are back into that psychic research, or…

FPI will not say why they tweeted this.  I guess they didn’t expect anyone to find it?  Why are these Jews so bold?  Why must they brag?

An hour after resigning, Wahl did the interview with the faggot Jew Kirchick, condeming RT, Putin and Russia as a whole.  The article was done for the Daily Beast, where also works the Jew Eli Lake.

In the article, the Jew Kirchick wrote that he had been in contact with Wahl since August, when he tried to push the homosexualist agenda on RT.  Kirchick is a senior fellow at FPI.  Later, Wahl did an interview for Buzzfeed for the Jew Rosie Gray.  Eli Lake and Rosie Gray are both connected to neocon Jew Michael Goldfarb, who served as PR director for the “nation” of Georgia during its war with Russia, and fed PR disinformationist anti-Russian propaganda to these other Jews.

The ratlike Jewish weasel Michael Goldfarb was likely in on the plot.
“Your countries now is belonging to us, gojim.” -Ratlike Jewish weasel Michael Goldfarb

Fat Jew Robert Kagan, FPI founder, is married to Jew Victoria Nuland who admittedly spent $5 billion in US taxpayer money to overthrow the Ukrainian government.  Kagan was also an adviser to one of the only non-Jews involved in this plot, John McCain, during his failed Presidential run.  McCain met with the Jews of Maidan, Yaksenyuk and Klitschko, back in December and pledged American support for their coup.

Jews Jamie Kirchick, Eli Lake, Rosie Gray and Liz Wahl.  Kike Lake is even wearing a Begin t-shirt!
Jews Jamie Kirchick, Eli Lake, Rosie Gray and Liz Wahl. Note the t-shirt.

See how this all ties together?  Jews are like termites bringing down a house.  They all work for the shared goal of destroying the structure.

The Truthdig reporters also had conversations with RT staff, who described Wahl as apolitical and self-absorbed, having no clear principles.

All these Jews do is sit around and scheme and plot.  That is their genetic inclination.  Just imagine if we had a society free of them, a society of our own, where we could be open and honest with each other.

A true European Society has its foundation in Truth.  We are, by default, honest men.  It is the Jew who has brought us down to this wretched level.  He must go.

The lovely Abby Martin has reported on these troubles.