Living in the Jewish Madhouse

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2013




A common tactic used by the Jews is to declare certain features and institutions of Western Civilization to be the products of mental illness.  The classic example of this is The Authoritarian Personality, a book by the Jew Theodor Adorno, a member of the notorious Frankfurt School.  Following in the footsteps of Jewish psychologist Sigmund Freud who traced all great human achievements to sexual desires and disorders, Adorno and other likeminded Jews claimed that patriotism, the patriarchal family and the self-denial of Christian asceticism were all the result of unhealthy sexual repression.  Western Civilization had traditionally been seen as the triumph of reason and willpower over the chaotic and savage forces of the world, but the Jews tore down this view and in its place substituted the idea that the development of our civilization was due to the growth of mental illness caused by sexual repression.  The Jews convinced our parents and grandparents that in order to avoid repeating the alleged atrocities of WWII we must submit oursevles to Jewish psychoanalysis, which will cleanse us of our mental sins by “liberating” our primal desires.  These false Jewish theories became mainstream in the 1960s, and since then the idea of traditional White culture being a pathology has been repeated countless times both in academic writings and popular culture.  A prominent example of the latter is Chris Cooper’s character in the film American Beauty.  This character is presented as a typical hyper-masculine authoritarian military father, but it then turns out that his harsh exterior merely masks his repressed homosexual desires.

We are made to think that if only he had been able to express his sexuality freely, then he could have had a happy, loving relationship with his family.

Perhaps it is not surprising that in attempting to destroy our culture the Jews would pathologize our values and traditions, but one would expect that when doing so the Jews would set themselves up as paragons of mental health and stability.  On the contrary, however, the Jews constantly refer to themselves as being neurotic, and in fact claim to have more neuroses than gentiles.  In essence the Jews are saying to us “you are all mentally unhealthy, but we, who are less mentally stable than you, are in a position to cure you”.  This truly is a case of “the lunatics running the asylum”.

An article published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency about comedian Mel Brooks is a perfect example of this phenomenon.  The article, entitled Mel Brooks’ Top 10 Jewy Jewish scenes, by Ami Eden, states,

“you could make the argument that Brooks’ entire oeuvre is an extension of his very Jewish background, sensibilities, hang-ups, etc., and hence any and all of his work can be considered Jewish. take what might just be my favorite Mel Brooks scene of all time, courtesy of Blazing Saddles. The genius comes in his ability to highlight the racism of God-fearing white folk, while simultaneously leaving us with hope that their better angels will eventually kick in. It wouldn’t be too hard to explain this all as somehow being the product of Brooks’ Jewishness.


You want to know the difference between Woody Allen and Mel Brooks? Woody Allen takes his neurosis, sense of outsiderness, otherness, and he bathes in it. Mel Brooks comes from the same place, but turns all that baggage on its head.”

According to this article:
1) the work of Jewish artists is overwhelmingly influenced by their Jewishness
2) this Jewishness leads to attacks on traditional white, Christian values
3) even when Jewish entertainers have different styles, as in the case of Brooks and Allen, their “neurosis” is at the center of how they interpret and reinterpret the world.

Eden believes that Jewish neurosis, far from being a problem, can actually help to improve the world by curing white Christians of their irrational fears. It would seem, therefore, that neuroses are a curious thing: white, Christian neuroses are bad, while Jewish neuroses are good.  White, Christian neuroses lead to oppression and repression, while Jewish neuroses lead to liberation.  The fact that the Jews make this contradictory claim, and that gentiles accept it, reveals a great deal about both the Jew and our own degraded state.  From the Jewish perspective it is not a choice between mental health and mental illness, but between two different types of mental illness.  While the Jews are masters of deception, they cannot help but constantly comment on their collective mental instability, thereby revealing that they are incapable of clear and unperturbed thinking, a prerequisite for coming to any understanding of the truth.  Thanks to the Jewish domination of our culture and the lure of sensuality most of our folk have also lost the ability to think clearly, leading to the predominance of moral relativism and our inability to recognize our racial and spiritual plight.  We must never forget that up until relatively recently white Christians possessed a healthy, virtuous mental life, and a clear understanding of beauty and ugliness, virtue and vice.  The Jew, on the other hand, has long dwelled in the greatest spiritual blindness.   It is not so much that the Jews have constructed a prison in which they can trap us while they remain outside: they are merely pulling us in to the madhouse in which they themselves have lived for thousands of years.

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