Living Fossil with a Gun in Each Paw Announce He Only Robs White People

Modern Heretic
September 8, 2015

This thing has no place in a White nation.

We elected a mulatto communist sodomite who had never worked an honest job. If this wasn’t the ultimate act of negro appeasement, the final proof that “races” Whites are greatly outnumbered by “we’re all equal” suicide cases, it’s hard to imagine what more could have been done, as the mulatto is fond of saying. The unspoken hope was that our willingness to be crucified on the rotting tree of “diversity” would at least buy a small amount of goodwill with the teeming dark masses pressing themselves against our doors. Maybe the negro would finally start shaping up.

Suffice it to say, the opposite has occurred. State fairs became battle fields in the one-sided, undeclared War on Whites, cities went up in flames, jews explained that White “racism,” the same racism behind the endless appeasement, was actually responsible. Today’s negro is the most pathetic and violent specimen imaginable, a vaguely human-shaped dark nightmare freed from every restraint by the eroding rule of law, the terminal spiritual illness of our nation and White cowardice. We couldn’t tax and spend away a 70 I.Q., no amount of time begging and facing the wall while they run wild will fix their lack of future time orientation. The answer is their removal.

Just another day in a city annexed by Africa.


Detroit Police and federal authorities are charging Brandon Lamar Williams, 24, with a series of crimes including armed robbery for attacking two white men in a Ford Fusion last Tuesday.

The only surprising thing about this story is that there were still Whites in Detroit. One has to wonder what accident of fate caused these men to enter the American Heart of Darkness, with predictable results. Two do-gooders driving their Swipple-mobile, there to contribute to the more that always needs to be done? Lost tourists? Negro ball fans? We can only wonder and shake our heads.

Police say that with a gun in each hand Williams accosted the men, beat one of them and broke his nose, stole phones and other electronic items, and also tried to drive off in the pair’s vehicle.

If you’ve ever wondered how 36 ghetto shootings lead to only six deaths consider this your answer. A living fossil with a gun in each paw, its animal mind unable to comprehend how two guns aren’t necessarily better than one, an unarmed “teen” targeting its natural prey, namely someone sitting in a car. Robbery and attempted murder gone wrong, courtesy of a stone age mind. The negro flourishes only because of the endless White sacrifices. When our protective hand is removed they’re going to melt like July snow.

The victims say that Williams actually tried to shoot them but after pulling the trigger at least three times but his guns didn’t fire.

Are you sure they were guns and not sandwiches, dinosaur media? These are the luckiest Whites ever, not only surviving a trip into the Detroit hell but also “busting” gone wrong.

Instead of shooting either of them he hit one of the victims in the face with a pistol breaking the victim’s nose.

The content of their character. More forgotten victims of the War on Whites, more blood spilled in the name of the State Religion. Bleed for the negro. Shed your blood for the remission of “racism” sins.

The criminal then tried to steal the pair’s car. But as Williams tried to put the car in drive he was unable to get it to move because he forgot to disengage the parking brake.

The mind and anti-soul of the “African American” on full display. Too moronic to murder Whites, too stupid to drive a stolen car. Part child, part devil.

Authorities report that after all this an African American bystander, who initially approached Williams to offer help, found himself staring down the barrel of one of Williams’ guns.

“Hey daw, lemme hell yo’ with dat stuff da wite pee-pole lack cah. Oh sheeet.”

But then Williams made to reassure the would be good Samaritan that he was safe.

LOL, “good Samaritan.” Let me help you steal cars and kill Whitey. I bee a goo boi.

“You good, I only rob white people,” Williams reportedly told the man, according to the FBI.

Well, I’m sure Whites are the preferred targets, anyway. When we’re gone they’ll turn on the “yellas” and everything will burn, an endless tribal all against all in a dead city.

Williams then tried to make a get away in the car he drove to the scene but smashed into the stolen truck and got hung up on the other vehicle.

A sneak preview of the amazing adventures of the negro James Bond.

Williams was quickly apprehended after he caused an accident with another car that also involved a tangle of downed power lines.

Their predictable failure would be amusing if we didn’t have to fund it and get hit with it. More ruined infrastructure in Detroit, no White “chedda” to fix it, an entire city lowered into the grave of “diversity.”

Williams was arrested and faces up to 25 years in prison for federal carjacking and firearm charges.

That or write a book report.

When Whites are gone.