“Lives Before the Economy” is the Stupidest Mantra in All of Human History

Amidst the flu hysteria, the mantra has emerged that we must put “lives before the economy.” However, no one who knows what an economy is would not be repulsed by this statement, as “the economy” is our lives.

We are hearing this retard-level mantra from every quarter of society, from the mainstream media to neo-Nazis.

I suppose that if people are imagining that the result of this is going to be a 2008 type recession, then maybe it makes sense. But what we are looking at is a total collapse of society, where no one has a job, so no one has an ability to pay rent or buy food. Lives are going to be destroyed because of this – obviously – and equally obviously, people are going to die because of this.

The UK is already estimating that 150,000 people will die because of this. Let me tell you, it’s going to be a lot worse than that. You should also factor in the people who will lose their jobs, whose marriages will collapse, who will lose their homes and be forced out onto the street, who will end up being addicted to drugs.

Even in the best case scenario, every urban center in America is going to look like San Francisco.

The flu hysteria tells us that none of those lives matter, and the only lives that matter are those of people who are in their 70s, 80s and 90s who are at risk of dying from the flu.

Although the overwhelming majority of the media has refused to even talk about any of this, columnist Jon Robson recently expressed some of this sentiment in the Canadian National Post:

It’s not just illness that kills people. The actuarial data tell us poverty, despair and loneliness kill too. We don’t know how any individual person will deal with these hardships. But they will take a predictable, cruel aggregate toll.

I know the mantra “if it saves one life.” But every life matters. So in deciding what to do we must weigh not only excess deaths from the pandemic, but also excess deaths from the lockdown.

Both depend on how we behave. And it’s tricky because they move in opposite directions. But both are very real. Shutting down the economy will prevent deaths from COVID-19, but it isn’t free. Far from it.

If we don’t start restarting some economic activity soon, within weeks, we will see massive consequences. Municipalities and even provinces will become insolvent, businesses will fold never to reopen, supply chains will break even for groceries and hospitals. And people will die.

It doesn’t matter that not one death certificate will mention the quarantine. The excess deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, substance abuse, suicide, etc., will be just as tragic, and as directly caused by lost jobs, bankruptcies and broken dreams, as the pandemic deaths from respiratory failure. And they will mount and mount. That curve is not flattening.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blithely foretells “several weeks, perhaps several months” of lockdown, he may not grasp the consequences. But Canada being a democracy, we should. It may seem compassionate, or chic, to denounce putting dollars before lives. But it’s worse than nonsense. Lives depend on “the economy.” It’s where food comes from, and medicine, and hope.

So people will die from the lockdown too. More and more of them. And every life matters.

I don’t personally agree that every life matters, and I also think you should be able to say that some lives matter more than others.

There was an older mantra that we had, “women and children first.” This would be used in the case of a catastrophe, where you had to choose who lived and who died. Such was the case when they were loading the lifeboats off of the Titanic. The reason that women and children were put first was that they matter more to the health of the society than a grown man. A child has more years ahead to contribute to society, and a woman can create new children using her body.

What we’ve done in this corona lockdown situation is say “old people in nursing homes first!”

I will say again that I don’t really know how many people actually understand that the average age for coronavirus deaths is 80. This was even admitted by the infamous Imperial College London, the creators of the famous figure of 2.2 million dead in America.

I will just note here once more that those numbers are a hoax, based on a gross miscalculation of the number of infected, which we’ve previously discussed here in great detail. But the point here is, even if you believe the single most hysterical people on the planet, we are doing all of this ostensibly to ensure that very old people get to add a few more months onto their lives in the retirement home.

We all love our grannies. But I think we all also know that our grannies wouldn’t want us to sacrifice our own lives for theirs, which sadly, are going to end pretty soon either way.

The way people are freaking out about it, it seems that they think they are personally going to get it and die, not that they are worried about grandma (or, in the case of America, morbidly obese black people in their 50s). So I don’t think the media has really done a very good job in communicating who exactly we are doing this to protect.

Just like it hasn’t done a very good job in communicating the fact that it will not be possible for the economy to recover after this, and so very many more people are going to die as a result of the lockdown than the virus.

Just like it hasn’t done a very good job in communicating that this isn’t even a real quarantine, what with allowing people to go to the supermarket, and it is unlikely that any of the old people we are trying to save have been saved by this, given that all of the people who work at the nursing homes also buy their food at the grocery store.

The whole thing is really difficult to process, as my instinct is to believe that it’s a gigantic agenda being pushed through in the form of a hoax. Certainly, they are pushing a control agenda, a mass vaccination agenda, an anti-Trump agenda, and various other agendas. But I just can’t see that anyone would want to collapse the US economy to the point where the US is no longer going to be the dominant world superpower, and it will instead be China.

We’ll know more soon, perhaps.