LIVE UPDATES: National Riot Mania! This is the Big One!

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The cops are letting this happen on purpose.

The cops are letting this happen on purpose.

The cops are letting this happen on purpose.


As I predicted, the riots that started in Minneapolis are spreading out across the entire country, being encouraged by the government and the media and being allowed by the cops.

We are looking at a situation where every city is going to be on fire this weekend, as we move directly from the coronavirus hoax into a black uprising hoax.

As there is so much going on, this thread will be a live update post, with new videos and informations about the riots added with a timestamp.

Updates will be posted in reverse chronology (newest first) so scroll down to see the madness as it unfolded.

Live feeds at the top of the page will be updated regularly.


Okay wait one last thing.


That shows that someone – SOMEONE – set a pallet of bricks in the middle of Dallas for the rioters to use to break things.

Come on now, people.

All of this shit is F A K E.

This is H O A X C I T Y.

These riots are absolutely just a big of a HOAX as the coronavirus.

All of this was planned out long ago, manufactured with computer simulations, and is being enacted on the unsuspecting public.

We need to get the word out.

We need boomer Facebook memes to go viral.

The boomers are all going to be out there with this “BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!!1111” horseshit after the sickening blue lives let these blacks riot and burn everything down.

Then comes the second lockdown in the fall, and they’ll be saying “oh well, we have to trust the police…” as the police round them up.

We have been HOAXED….!


Okay I can’t possibly sleep.

Look at this.

That’s in Oakland… this is really “sea to shining sea.”

They’ve got construction equipment too.

This is actually like the Gremlins.

Portland is also not doing great…

In the ATL they’re proving that Sleep Number beds are in fact flammable, which I thought was not supposed to be the case.

Here’s a Honda dealership, who knows where…

Some serious #GremlinVibes on that clip.

And here’s the skyline of Minneapolis, where it all started with one fat black guy having a heart attack on drugs.

I wonder how many billions of dollars worth of damage is being done tonight?

I think it’s safe to say that the entire profits of the entire slave industry were negated tonight by the damage done by these children of slaves.

So maybe we can just send them all back to Africa tomorrow and call it even…? 


Okay well, the riots are obviously still going.

But I’m tired.

Basically, you’re likely for the next couple of hours until sunup to just see more of what you’re seeing down below.

I’ll be back in an indeterminate number of hours to follow up on all of this.


Turns out that white supremacists are responsible for these riots.

Who woulda thunk it?


What is a Justice Center? Isn’t that something for the blacks? Why are they bringing chemicals to burn that down?

I guess maybe it’s a government building and I just associate the word “justice” with black people now?


Did you see this? It’s from Friday afternoon.

As the country burns, Mike “Retard Face” Pence announces that he stands in solidarity with the blacks…!

What kind of “law and order” administration is this?

I liked it much better when Trump was talking about killing looters.


This should put the fires out.


This is golden.


Here’s the full list of businesses looted and destroyed in Minneapolis.


– 11 liquor stores/bars looted
– 4 pharmacies looted/several others damaged possibly attempted lootings
– 10 footware/clothing stores looted
– 4 electronics shops looted
– 1 bank and 1 credit union looted
– At least 1 beauty salon looted fo’ dem hurr weaves
– 1 tobacco shop looted
– 7 jewelry and pawn shops looted
– Over a dozen, maybe more, other stores and institutions looted from retail stores to charter schools

Total destruction of brick and mortar businesses/institutions:

– One Arby’s burned completely to the ground
– One Autozone burned completely to the ground
– One liquor store burned completely to the ground
– One Police Dept burned completely to the ground
– One fashion shop gutted by fire
– One polymer company gutted by fire
– One bar gutted by fire
– One convenience store gutted by fire
– One independent auto parts store gutted by fire
– One tobacco shop gutted by fire

Significant and heavy fire damage to businesses/institutions:

– One Ethiopian restaurant with significant fire damage
– One pawn shop with significant fire damage
– One Hispanic dance club with significant fire damage
– One East Indian restaurant with significant fire damage
– One usurer/payday loan shop with significant fire damage
– One family dollar with heavy fire damage
– One Napa autoparts with heavy fire damage
– One pharmacy with heavy fire damage


Cernovich is live at the White House.

Or he’s stream sniping.


I expect dat fool Trump to emerge from the White House blaming the Chinese for these riots.

He’ll say the rioters are Chinamen in blackface.


I assume someone stole this SUV they used to drive through a mall in ATL.

But what’s going on at the White House…?


Cops are showing up in significant numbers in Minneapolis now.

But they ain’t gonna do shit. It’s a show. Maybe they’ll keep the blacks contained in a certain area, but it’s clear they have no agenda to stop them from rioting.

The only thing that any of us can do is keep watching this clip over and over again, and thank God that something about this situation brought us joy.

This clip wasn’t bad either, to be honest.


Dallas is now going full-on.

Imagine that there are goyim looking at this situation and believing it is somehow spontaneous. All across the entire country at once, the media encouraged riots and the cops all made the decision together to let the riots happen.

They gettin’ Gucci.

This is something we missed from earlier – a bomb thrown at cops in ATL.



I don’t support the cops, because they’re part of a conspiracy against us. However, I do support that individual cop who dropped that bitch, because that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in WEEKS.




Got a lot of other stuff going on in the Midwest.


This is a video from earlier today in Indiana.

Understand this: the cops are provoking these blacks into rioting, then when night falls, they are all disappearing and letting them riot.

All of what you are witnessing now is a result of the cops. This is all being done ON PURPOSE.


Oh so Detroit is now out of control.

But remember: the real threat is white people who oppose coronavirus hoax restrictions.

Rioting blacks are just expressing their righteous anger at white people.


Just so you understand, as the White House is being stormed, Donald Trump is doing nothing.

He is not even tweeting.

The last thing he did, on the eve of total chaos, was give a retard-tier neocon speech about how Hong Kong should have more democracy.

I half expect him to emerge before the rioters now and start lecturing them on the importance of freedom in China.

Imagine that this guy literally prioritizes the quality of life of people in an enemy country over us. While our cities are burning. He talks about how sad it is for Chinese people that they don’t have enough rights.

It is so very tiresome.


This is literally the end of the world we are witnessing here.

How long before it breaks out of the city centers and into the suburbs?

The police have made it 100% clear that they’re not going to do ANYTHING to stop these riots. So when they come for you, come to loot you, to rape your daughter, you are on your own.

I’d get ready for that.



It is actually amazing beyond comprehension that they are letting this happen at the White House.

I literally just can’t even.

You would think that Trump himself would just order to the Secret Service to break this up. It’s not like they don’t know how to do that. But they’re just letting it happen….

The blacks are on Twitter talking about how they’re going to loot the place.

The blacks will rush the White House and they will have to be shot.

Then what happens?



Ain’t nobody sleeping tonight!


Target being targeted in Atlanta.

I know it’s a joke that people keep saying that the blacks are attacking Target because it has a target on it, but I’m actually starting to wonder if this isn’t the actual reason they’re doing it.


This is a good clip showing the joy that these blacks have in destroying things.

They are just roaming around every city now, burning everything. It’s truly incredible that the sickening Jews expect you to not notice that they are just letting this happen, that the police are standing down.


Richmond, Virginia poppin off.

Burning cop cars in Richmond.

Apparently, no city is safe.

Who can’t see that this is an orchestrated hoax designed and executed by the media and the government to justify a police state?

How obvious?


I guess we got a riot now in Columbus, Ohio.

Dallas going off too now.

Kentucky’s getting rough.

This is from yesterday – a woman hitting the same black guy with her car twice.

It will be interesting to see if people who attack rioters get charged with crimes, since it is clear that the rioters won’t be charged. I suspect people who harm any hair on their little heads will end up in prison.


NYPD is being more aggressive. No doubt because New York is where all the Jews live.


Here’s cops attacking a local news crew.

They won’t attack the blacks, but they’ll attack some white women reporting the news.


Oh dear.


White House is surrounded, people are going to have to be evacuated by helicopter.

It’s been crazy since before dark, with antifa burning flags and encouraging rioting.

Never forget that antifa is a group 100% controlled by the FBI. This is all a gigantic staged hoax. None of it is real.


Beyonce with bleached skin calling for more riots.

Boy Band calling for more riots.

Brooklyn going nuts.

Minneapolis ATM roflmao

This woman’s house burned down.


Someone getting run over with a cop horse.

I shall admit that I lol’d a hearty lol. But that person is probably dead. Horses are very heavy and their feet are sharp.


The White House is under full assault and the president is likely going to have to flee.

The media is encouraging this.


T.I. just called Atlanta “Wakanda.”

Killer Mike goin off.


Driver runs over some of these slobs.

9:13 PM EST

Right now, people are rioting across the entire country.

One of the worst riots is in Atlanta, Georgia, where cop cars have been burned and the CNN HQ has been destroyed (lol).

Brooklyn is full-chaos and cops are actually fighting back.

Antifa are getting called out.