LIVE THREAD: Implicit Nazi Leader Richard Spencer Stands for Free Speech at Auburn University!

Eric Striker and Staff
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2017

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Update XIV (12:15 AM, ET):

Reports that Antifa ran the men out of town when they stampeded are fake news. The students were hyped up, and in some livestreams were heard saying “LETS GET TO THE BAR.” They ran past the nationalists who looked like they would fight back (Heimbach and the blackshirts, as well as Spencer’s whiteshirts) without attacking. One nationalist was punched, but this could’ve been a crime of opportunity or just a drunk hyped up idiot. Reports of attacks and robberies have been happening all night around Auburn.

Update XIII (11:22 PM, ET):

One confirmed casualty on our side. The Auburn Police, after disarming the nationalists, allowed the Antifa to jump the barricades, then stormed in to split up the group of nationalists. One straggler was sucker punched by what he describes as a 280 lb muscular white male. Suspect could be either from Atlanta Antifa or a campus cuckold trying to impress the black football player he adulates.

There are now multiple accounts coming in that the police either made a mistake or facilitated this on purpose.

More police is not a good thing because they either don’t care, or they want to see you get hurt. That includes “Blue Lives Matter” cucks out there – you’re politically expedient to them. They fear the wealthy parents of the Antifas more than they do respect the rights of political dissidents. We need more nationalist security at these events, disciplined and coordinated. Heimbach and his TWP blackshirts did a great job nonetheless, but more were needed.

Update XII (10:33 PM, ET):

Antifa groups are using their Go Fund Me funds to purchase concealed knives.

If you are going to attend a rally supporting ideas Jews and international capitalists don’t agree with, make sure you stay keen and preferably invest in a stab proof vest. It seems that some Antifas are going to try and escalate the violence they instigate after getting their asses handed to them multiple times. They’re going to be sorry.

Dox sought for this flabby loser who assaulted a man half his size along with four other people, and still wound up a bloody mess. He is from Atlanta.

Update XI (10:26 PM, ET):

Unconfirmed reports claim a group of Antifa tried to attack the men on their way out by flipping over the barricades, but the TWP blackshirts were able to beat them back. Everyone appears to have gotten away safe for now, but this too is unconfirmed.

One witness is saying the anti-white protesters were let loose by the Auburn Police Department to attack the nationalists after the latter group was disarmed.

Update X (10:17 PM, ET):

Event has concluded, went off without a hitch. Antifa presence was pathetic, and the Auburn police did a good job protecting them from getting beaten down again. Here is a clip of them being unmasked by the cops earlier before.

The impotent protesters so far appear to be excited to go get drunk and watch football. Only the hardcore of psychotic Final Fight trannies and fugly feminists are sticking around.

Somebody else caught a picture of the van which was bussing in the Antifas from out of town. License plate is in full view.

In more exciting news, a hilarious new picture of Moldylocks and Cuckboy in the aftermath of the fight they started has been posted online.

Update IX (8:32 PM, ET):

This has been the best speech Richard Spencer has ever given until now. He said “whites are their own most enemy” rather than a Jewish problem, the crowd didn’t respond well to that line. Someone in the audience screamed “It’s the JEW!” and got more applause from the crowd. Hopefully Spencer will realize that this fairy tale about pathological altruism not only is untrue, it’s not going to take him anywhere and it’s not what his followers want to hear. Whites are afraid of Jews, so they read out scripted lies just like an ISIS hostage would.

He is now confronting the black hecklers in the audience and it’s great. They’re chimping out like they’re at the movies.


Mike Enoch from The Daily Shoah is opening, and he’s doing a great job. The speeches are high energy, unlike the droning conservative indoor voice stuff typical at AmRen, and yes, some past NPI conferences. This is like a rock concert, crowd is full of normal young men with short hair who look serious and are high energy – very exciting since last generation WN the crowd often lacked young people and was eccentric.

Crowd shouting “Hail Victory.” The overton window in politics in general is radicalizing towards a National Socialist strategy – everyone realizes, whatever your aesthetic issues are, that this is the only way out.


Here is the Red Ice stream, which is live now.

Update VI (7:43 PM, ET)

This snowflake keeps calling on people to “storm the speech and shut it down.” What he doesn’t know, is that the fascists (the real ones) don’t care about how rich his daddy his. Doesn’t he even know their time has come? If him and the 10 other black bloc people there act on their threats, they’re going to find out what it’s like to fight someone who isn’t some 80 year old conservative.

Update V (7:21 PM, ET):

Smaller long haired man filming on the Antifa side of the fence is attacked by group of communist thugs, including a giant fat Antifa. Guy in blue got some damn good licks in though. First Blood.

Update IV (7:06 PM, ET):

Antifa and associated Leftist scum are heavily outnumbered by the nationalists. A sign of the shifting pendulum.

Picture of TWP Security. The days of Leftist scum bullying whites is over:


A live stream has emerged. Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party Blackshirts are there to protect the event and attendants.

There are over 1,000 people watching, and the event hasn’t even started yet!



Some bros have a stream going, it hasn’t started yet. They have a team of four EXPERT TECHNICIANS who say they’re going to be getting the best streams with the BEST VIOLENCE.


Original article follows.

We will add more streams if more pop up. We expect some periscopes as well.

American Revolution II is underway. Against the censorship creep enforced by the SJW Left and the Jew overlords they serve, people are now standing up for their First Amendment rights in spite of police and bureaucrats who refuse to protect it.

Alabama’s Auburn University, a public institution mandated to protect free speech by law, cancelled a scheduled Richard Spencer speech citing “safety concerns” – this is a weird euphemism for “communists threatening to riot.”

Apparently, our civil rights are predicated on the whims of thugs who have arbitrarily decided who can and cannot express an opinion.

In an act of open revolt, implicit Nazi leader Adolf Spencer and many others are going to Auburn to speak anyway. Leftist groups are planning to bus in terrorists from Atlanta to try and use violence to shut him down, but Spencer and his men are refusing to back down.

This could very well mark a new chapter in our battle to take back our streets from the terrorists.

First came the Battle of Sacramento:

Then the Battle of Berkeley:

Then Another Battle of Berkeley:

And Now Dawns the Battle of Auburn :

We will be updating this with a livestream and images as soon as they go up.

Local liberals are planning to hold a “peaceful demonstration” in tandem to the violent Antifa attacks. The M.O. of these liberals is to provide a smoke screen for masked criminals to disappear into, while they disingenuously condemn violence to sympathetic media cameras.

School administrators never expel, punish or hold criminally liable students who engage in terrorism to silence political dissent that Jews and the elite don’t like. That is because they are complacent; they agree with the Antifas!

Here is a statement by Auburn police on the official “protest zone.” The “peaceful” liberal front-protest is called “AuburnUnites,” which is being coordinated by the campus (((Hillel))):

But the deep-state paramilitary groups in the area have another idea, calling for outright confrontation:

Godspeed to the men at Auburn.Β The People are with you, FIGHT BACK!