Rittenhouse Decision Day 3: Still No Verdict!

This is what we’re all hoping for.

It is day 3 of the jury in Kenosha trying to decide if Kyle Rittenhouse should have just allowed himself to be beaten to death or shot to death instead of fighting back.

This is a live thread which will be updated as information comes in.

Note: you’re going to want to read this from the bottom up, and then come back for updates.

5:05 PM EST

No verdict!

1:15 PM EST

I was just browsing tweets about Rittenhouse and came across this.

Who is this bitch?

I feel like I’m going to vomit – and not just because of her looks.

We invited these creatures into our country to feed off of us – and abuse us while they feed. Aside from anything even remotely political, this situation is utterly nonsensical. Just try to imagine any nonwhite country doing this.

This bitch came into our country, because her own is poor, filthy, and shitty, and then she starts saying the descendants of the people who built this country – of the people who build the wealth that she is parasiting off of – need to die (Ashli) or be thrown in prison (Kyle).

I remember both of my grandpas. I know how hard they worked. And I can tell you, they were not working for Asha Rangappa. I can tell you that for certain. This is not her country. She does not belong here at all. The fact that she has come here because her own ancestors built a shithole, come here to suck our blood, and then insults and tries to destroy us while doing so – it is simply beyond the pale.

And it is standard.

These parasites view the Rittenhouse trial as a battle in a larger war to destroy the natural population of this country so they can strip us of the rest of our wealth, while pretending to be us. Of course, once we’re gone, the country will turn into the same kind of shithole that Asha Rangappa’s ancestors built. These people could not build a decent civilization, so they cannot sustain one.

These people are all going to have to go back.

1:04 AM EST



The judge in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has banned MSNBC from the courthouse after an incident in which a man who identified himself as a producer for the network was suspected of following a jury bus.

“I have instructed that no one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial,” Judge Bruce Schroeder said. “This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is, but absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following a jury bus, that is an extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.”

Schroeder identified the man as James J. Morrison. He said that Morrison identified himself to police as a producer for NBC News and employed by MSNBC. The judge said that Morrison told authorities his supervisor had told him to follow the bus, and he went through a red light as he tried to follow the vehicle.

So, this would have been MSNBC attempting to identify these people so they could threaten/intimidate them.

This is just normal now.

The judge looks very boomerish suggesting they would ever be punished for enforcing the policy of the federal government. Joe Biden called Kyle a “white supremacist” and implied he was a murderer.

11:06 AM EST

Finally, normie conservatives are getting the hang of understanding basic, obvious reality. At least in this one isolated instance.

10:36 AM EST

We should remember the difference.

White people are an abused underclass, and yet somehow the media is continuing to claim black people are oppressed.

This is not different than the Jews being the most powerful and richest group in the world, and still continuing to be oppressed – claiming in fact that they are so oppressed, that you aren’t even allowed to talk about them.

10:17 AM EST

Peaceful protesters demonstrate in support of violent Antifa and blacks.

It’s our values and who we are.

9:45 AM EST

This is the third day of the jury trying to decide if Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty of self-defense. It’s probably unprecedented for a jury’s decision to take so long in such a clear-cut case.

But this is to be expected when the jury is being so threatened.

For those who don’t understand: when the jury is finished deciding, their identities will be made public. People are all over the internet threatening to kill them if they do not deliver the guilty verdict.

George Floyd’s nephew made such a threat.

Allowing something like this was inconceivable a few years ago, but now it’s just normal to allow blacks and Antifa to threaten to kill jurors. This happened during the Derek Chauvin case, and led to an innocent man being sent to prison for doing his job.

Meanwhile, the governor has called in the National Guard, which is also a means of intimidating the jury, telling them that the city will burn again if they do not convict.

It’s amazing that no one is pointing out the fact that the governor is engaged in jury intimidation.

Maybe the city will need the National Guard in the case of Rittenhouse getting off, but they could have been alerted privately and called in after the verdict.

The members of the jury know that their lives will be forever changed if they do the right thing. Maybe this would have worked out in a normal Christian country, but in the godless and materialist hell of America, why would they sacrifice their own comfort in the name of justice?

What we might be looking at is a hung jury. I could see some of the men on the team standing up for justice, while the women say they have no reason to sacrifice their lives for this kid.

Unfortunately, the judge struck off the weapons charge, which was the only minor charge. If that had not been struck off, the jury could clear him of the “murders” and convict for the weapons charge to throw a bone to the mob. I don’t know why the judge didn’t think of that, because the weapons charge would have been thrown out later anyway.