Iowa: With 62% Reporting, Bernie and Buttigieg are Tied!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2020

9:50 PM

12:40 PM

Yeah so, we’re still waiting on Iowa.

Everything is being blamed on the app.

But this is insane.

The is what bureaucracy does, folks. It’s the same deal with Blizzard and their agenda to blame customers for their broken video game.

When there is no one responsible, no one is responsible.

I have found out that it is more or less impossible to change votes in this election, since there are only a couple thousand people taking part in the process. Basically, every vote has a name and face attached to it. So this probably ins’t a scam to hoax Bernie.

It is just an unmitigated disaster.

Trump wins!

Wish I still had the ability to cheer for him…

6:45 AM

Well, it’s officially the next morning and we still officially have no results.

Pete Buttigieg has openly claimed victory for no apparent reason, while Bernie has said he thinks he probably won.

If anyone other than Bernie won then the MAGA people are right and this was rigged and people in Iowa should take to the streets of rage.

1:22 AM

Trump team be like “I’ve seen some sloppy train wrecks in my time…”

And no, as of right now, there still aren’t any results.

They’re saying it’s the app, lol.

Why would you use an app?

12:18 AM

I don’t know if we’re ever going to get these results.

People are saying the reporting app failed, then the people are saying it didn’t.

The Trump side is claiming that it is taking so long because they’re rigging the vote, which honestly doesn’t make much sense to me, because why would it take a long time to rig a vote? It would actually be quicker than counting, I think.

But I guess this is what Glueck meant when she said this will be good for Biden – he can claim that there was foul play.

11:55 PM

What does it mean?

Don’t glueck me, bitch.

Don’t you ever glueck me.

11:43 PM

What a stupid thing to say.

“Baby daughter,” I’m shaking my damn head.

Well, bitch, Bernie’s the janitor now – he’s gonna be mopping the floor with your Injun tears!

11:34 PM

The NYT live updates feed is supposed to just have information about the caucuses, but women reporters that have access to it are just using it to share their feelings.

That fat bitch Jennifer is of course right, and that is by no means her thought or an original thought. Bloomberg’s entire campaign strategy is “wait for Biden to fail, then swoop.”

However, the assumption that “Biden just isn’t a good enough 80-year-old moderate, all Americans want is a better 80-year-old moderate” is wrong. And the fact that Bloomberg also happens to be a billionaire really makes him a more problematic candidate than senile Biden the finger-sucker.

Biden’s senility isn’t why he’s failing. The senility is more just a symptom of why he’s failing. His positions are very old, and they’ve failed. No one wants more globalism. Globalism is the single most unpopular thing.

11:22 PM

The MAN is back on top, and America is feeling good about COMMUNISM.

10:53 PM

It’s almost 11 and we’ve only got 25% reporting in.

This is what the map looks like:

Buttigieg isn’t going to win, but the fact he’s doing so well indicates that Iowa is gay as heck.

10:48 PM

Katie Glueck is gluecking it.

But sometimes, there’s just no glueck left in your gluecker.

And if your gluecker won’t glueck, you’ve gotta just keep on gluecking it.

Glueck me once, shame on you. Glueck me again, goy.

10:31 PM

Biden is totally out of the game in Des Moines.

Imagine, that boomer got beat by Andrew Yang.

10:10 PM

That drippy boomer Biden should have been more careful with his words!

People are taking his advice!

9:58 PM

The slowness of the results is NOT NORMAL.

Nate Cohen saved some of the data last time.

But we should know the deal by 11.

Right now, Anal Pete has pulled to the lead in the final round.

But he won’t stay there. It is clear that it is Bernie’s night.

The only thing to find out is how badly Biden does – that is, whether or not he manages to secure THIRD PLACE.


9:48 PM

Cunts have been caught forming a “Cunt Wall” in defense of the cunt Warren.

A Cunt Wall is even more outrageous than a Wall of Eyes.

9:33 PM

This is where we’re at now:

To be honest, this whole “caucus” thing still confuses me. I’ve read a lot about it and have pretty much accepted that I just won’t ever understand it. I keep being told that a lot can change between now and midnight.

But right now, Joe Biden is doing horribly, and it looks to me like he’s going to have a hard time getting fourth place.

In other words: lock up your daughters, it’s time for COMMUNISM IN AMERICA.