Gun Rally in Virginia is Over: Nothing Happened!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2020

Today, Freedom Rises.






2:58 PM

Alright, well.

The rally is over.

People are going home.

We will call it a day on the live updates unless I get a news alert saying boomers have risen up.

Overall, this was really boring. I’m glad nothing violent happened. But I was actually moderately disgusted by what I saw, which was a bunch of fat people talking about anti-racism, women’s rights and gays.

I’m having a hard time understanding what the guns are actually for if these people literally believe in nothing. What you can say for the left is that they at least believe in some vision: a globalist world of hand-holding and anal space communism.

What do conservatives believe in, besides that they should be able to stockpile firearms in their homes?

It’s not just an issue of race. It would be nice if these people were racist, but they could also rally around Christianity or protecting the family or some other belief. If their only belief is in their right to stockpile weapons, and their plan for the future of America is to use the weapons to defend the weapons, then they really are not saying much, are they?


I’ll do a review of the rally tomorrow.

I just want to say: thanks for the memories.

2:11 PM

Well, Owen Shroyer just posted a recap of the rally.

And it appears to be generally over.

Nothing happened.

Like, literally nothing.

This was the most bored I’ve been in days, and I wish I would have spent this time reading “The Jesus Incident” by Frank Herbert or watching Stargate Universe.

Wow, total waste.

There were some funny things I wrote below though. At least I thought they were funny when I wrote them.

I’m going to hang out for a while and see if anything happens, but I’m done with these streams.

2:04 PM

Look at this GUY:

Can he be a Nazi with a gook wife???

Wait. No, don’t answer that.

1:45 PM

Okay, we made it to 1:45 PM, which is the time James Fields’ car accident happened in Charlottesville.

We might get through this.

1:30 PM

Things are looking peaceful. Might even get to call it a day.

The important thing we need to remember is what we learned.

And you all know what that is.

Democrats are the REAL racists.

That’s why they flooded Virginia with immigrants who would vote away people’s gun rights: so that CONSERVATIVES would go out to march against these freedoms being taken, and they could then call the conservatives racists in order to distract from their own racism.

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it wouldn’t have been for that meddling Charlie Kirk and his Agent Poso.

1:00 PM

If you’re against guns, you’re not only a Nazi and a Hitler racist and a homophobe – you’re also a sexist.

Demon-RATS are the real Nazis, Hitlers, racists, homophobes and sexists. Literally THE ONLY SINGLE TWO THINGS that conservatives believe in is:

  1. Low taxes
  2. That you should be able to have a bunch of guns and walk around on the street with them.

Literally, those are the only beliefs of the entire conservative movement.

How can it be racist, if it is only about taxes and guns?

12:45 PM

Yesterday, a DEMON-RAT journalist claimed that the rally was a white nationalist rally.

However, when he saw the streams and everyone carrying signs saying that they hate racism, he deleted the tweet.

Conservatives successfully used this rally to prove to the media that they are not racist.

So, big win there. Now all we have to do is convince black people, Mexicans, Guatamalans, Hondurans, Arabs, Pakistanis, Africans, etc. that conservatives are not racists and then they’ll all start voting for low taxes.

12:11 PM

TIL: Ralph Northam isn’t just a racist Klan member – he’s also a Hitler Nazi.

11:35 AM

Infiltrator blown out.

11:10 AM

This guy is actually good and useful.

You should all be getting jobs as sheriff. The sheriff actually has the ability to do something about something.

11:00 AM

There is for sure a lot of people here. More than I expected.

10:37 AM

Oh now we got gays out there!

Cocksuckers for freedoms!

10:05 AM

This random Twitter person is correct:

And this conservative pundit is wrong:

Obviously, a majority of Virginians do support the gun laws because they voted in elections for people saying they were going to enact these gun laws.

The reason the vote turned out this way, as the New York Times admits, is because of “shifting demographics.”

Virginians have been racially replaced by foreigners, and now the foreigners are voting to change their laws.

And yet, looking at this rally, I can’t tell if it’s a gun rally or an anti-racism rally.

People actually made signs to protest against racism.

9:45 AM

There are definitely thousands of people at this rally.

And no one has done anything yet.

Maybe it will all work out?

9:40 AM

Alex Jones – the true inheritor of the governorship of Virginia – has gone behind enemy lines in Governor Northam’s concentration camp.

9:27 AM:


DemocRATS are the real RACISTS!

Protesters are chanting that the RACIST DEMONrat Ralph Northam has got to go!

It’s a real shame that all of those Mexicans and blacks who live in Virginia don’t know how truly RACIST the DEMOCRAPS truly are. If they only know who the real racists were, they would all be voting Republican for freedom.

That is why it is the number one job of Republicans at a gun rally to chant against racism.

9:15 AM


We got a BBG here people.

He laying down the LAW on these liberal CUCKS.

8:55 AM

Nevermind, they’re back on a different channel.

8:45 AM

Breitbart’s stream is kill.

That means that they get a strike and can’t stream for the rest of the day.

8:31 AM

A Free Beacon reporter is claiming that there are tens of thousands of people in the city center.

8:15 AM

Masked IRA style gunmen are marching into the city – 90s TV actresses are outraged.

7:10 AM 

Today’s the big day.

Some hundreds or thousands of people are descending on the Virginia Capitol in Richmond in order to demand that their elected Democrat officials do not pass the gun control laws they were elected to pass.

The Capitol is flooded with police and paramilitary forces, including snipers. The plan is to herd the protesters into a chainlink cattle cage “kill zone.”

I have already said that I think this is a terrible idea, and that the media and cops are setting it up to be a repeat of Charlottesville.

But maybe it won’t be?

We’ll know soon enough!

I will be updating throughout the day, and keeping live streams at the top of the page.

We’ve already got a feed from Breitbart, who is starting bright and early interviewing the demonstrators as they arrive in the city.