Little Lindsey Forwards Conspiracy Theory About Mysterious Demonic Powers of Russian Football

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

I watched a lot of CNN last night, just to see these kikes in apoplexy over Trump allying the world’s two greatest nations.

The filthy alien kikes Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer were not simply suggesting but outright demanding that Trump be impeached. They didn’t really explain why, just made these vague references to the horrible evil that Russia is and all these horrible evil things they do and how it is treason to not start a world war with them because they did the cyber.

I have never seen butthurt like this in my life.

And you can go on Twitter.

Every. Single. Jew.

And kikesucker (particularly the O’Kikesuckers).

Losing their minds.

Here’s a little taste of that action.


That’s something coming from noodle-tits himself.

Should have stayed on the gear and remained a man like Sly, Arnie.

Just go back to Germany and wait for the invasion, buddy.

Moving on…

But I have to say.

The award for most lunatic comment goes to Little Lindsey Graham, who suggested that the football Putin gave Trump could be possessed.

I am encouraging my readers to vote for the Democrat in 2020 (he isn’t up this year) if we can’t get him primaried. Whatever it takes to get this whackjob out of public view is worth it.

He is the worst kind of evil traitor and after John McCain dies and/or resigns, he’s going to be the only one left in the GOP spewing this sort of outrageous, over-the-top anti-American kookery.