LITERALLY BRAIN-DAMAGED: Favorite Boomer Cooking Oil Causes Brain Deterioration in Mice

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2020

Part of why millennials hate boomers so much is that they are mindless peasants who do whatever everyone else is doing. And if you ask them why they do these strange things, they’ll use the fact that everyone they know also does it as an excuse for why they do it.

Like eating soybean oil. They literally eat this.

As they go around talking about how the Chinese shouldn’t eat bats.

Listen, boomer: at least bats exist in nature.


New research has shown that despite being marketed as a healthy alternative, soybean oil, America’s most popular oil, causes neurological changes in the brains of mice, and may contribute to autism and dementia in humans.

Extracted from the seeds of soybeans and used in everything from fast food to animal feed and even baby formula, soybean oil is easily the most widely consumed oil in the US, ubiquitous in the national cuisine.

It’s in McDonald’s fries, Pizza Hut crust, and the “healthy” 9-grain bread used for your Subway sandwich.

The study is published in Endocrinology, a scientific journal, and it shows that when soybean oil is fed to mice it has major impact on their hypothalamus, an area of the brain crucial for regulating mood and behaviour.

More worryingly, it even affected over 100 of the mice’s genes, including one for controlling oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone. Soybean-fed mice showed lower levels of oxytocin in the hypothalamus. Other genes affected had to do with metabolic and hormone pathways, including the insulin pathway, synonymous with diabetes. There was also upregulation of genes associated with anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.

Considering the evidence, the authors believe that soybean oil could increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism. However, there is no concrete proof yet that soybean oil causes these conditions, since this research was conducted on male mice only. But mice are used as a model organism for human health for a reason, as a mammal species they have similar tissues and genetics to us, and it is reasonable to provisionally project some of the authors’ health warnings onto humans.

Lead author Poonamjot Deol said: “If there’s one message I want people to take away, it’s this: reduce consumption of soybean oil.”

Boomerism is largely the result of the fact that these people are all science experiments, because they were such dumb, eager test subjects for things like soybean oil.

The boomers were the first generation to produce a mass of autistic children. And I’m sure all these women were stuffing their faces with soy oil while they were pregnant.

I still think the leading cause of autism is probably plastic. Because this is an endocrine disorder, I assert.

But other things I’m sure contribute to it. And clearly, soy causes endocrine problems.

Don’t be a boomer, kids.

Eat real food made out of real food products. Don’t eat strange experimental chemical compounds.

It’s just not worth it.