Listen to Me

Senator Ben Sasse is up for reelection this year.

He is the single worst person in the entire Congress.

He is in Nebraska, a very deep red state.

He won by a massive margin in 2014, and is expected to win by the same margin again in November.

Only one person ran against him in the primaries. He is named Matt Innis.

He does not have a Wikipedia page, and what is apparently his official YouTube channel is blank and has 12 subscribers.

There is one interview on YouTube. He is not charismatic at all.

But more importantly, he is unknown.

We could have put a guy there.

The America First right could have made it a mission to remove this man, and we could have won, through an internet campaign and a door-knocking campaign.

No one is going to pick Ben Sasse, a never Trumper and a feminine faggot, over a charismatic pro-Trump guy. They would have voted for this Innis person if they’d known who he was.

This is where all of our energy should be. It’s where it all should have been. We should have taken down Ben Sasse. We would have made waves like we haven’t made since 2017.

This is what Nick Fuentes, Tucker Carlson, National File, Alex Jones, Beardson Beardly, etc. etc. etc. should have been doing.

Listen to me: this is what we should have been doing.

This is creative work, it is a direction and it is some place we could really win. We could have raised massive amounts of money to support a MAGA candidate in Nebraska.

We have to do this. We have to do these primaries. There is no other way forward.

This is the only single possible way forward. There is no other possible path, other than a collapse of the federal government, which is something we can only wait for. The only thing we can actively do is work these primaries. We’re not going to wake anyone else up. Everyone who is going to get on board is already on board and now is the time for action, not talk.

Neo-Nazism, QAnon, none of this weird shit is going anywhere.

We have to play these primaries, and I promise you, we will win.

We could have taken down Sasse.

After the election, this has to be what we do.

Assuming we win the election. If we don’t win the election, we’re going to be doing something very different.

But I’m feeling pretty confident right now, frankly.