Linux-Based “Windows 12 Lite” is a Great Option, I’m Sure

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2020

A Linux distro with a Windows background? This could be big.

Windows has gotten completely out of control, to the point where it is virtually pointless. This is what happens with monopolies, I guess, but it is virtually impossible to grasp the fact that they now just do updates, all the time, at any time. Normal people simply cannot have this. Everyone on earth has work schedules, and some of them are pretty tight.

Although I work a lot, I have a relatively flexible schedule. I can wake up or go to sleep at any time I want, I can take an hour or two off whenever I need it and I have very few “hard” appointments. However, virtually every hard appointment I’ve ever had – usually podcasts or Skype calls – has been delayed by Windows updates.

I can only imagine the number of people who get caught in the situation of:

  • Get a call 15 minutes before a meeting
  • Have to send an email before the meeting, based on what was said in the call
  • Turn on the laptop, wait twenty minutes for Windows to update

I know we can all now say “just use your phone,” but phones are not really a workspace. It is not only 10x as fast to type on a laptop than on a phone. It is a matter of being able to organize your notes, your files, everything. Serious work is not done on phones, period. Furthermore, any work you try to do on a phone is going to take a lot longer, even if you do have the ability to make it work. So forcing the phone to be the only valid computer that can be used in a situation with a tight timeframe is insane, but that is exactly what Windows has done to 90% of the world.

This problem has become so common that “sorry, Windows updated on me” has become a universal excuse that no one has any choice but to accept. It is effectively like being caught in an earthquake or a volcano eruption.

I have no idea why they need this many updates. In fact, I have not even read a reasonable explanation for it. I think the explanation is “we don’t need an explanation – if you don’t like it, grow a beard and run Linux, you nerd.”

Well, someone on reddit took a picture of a Windows-oriented Linux distro someone made and passed out at a convention that is kind of funny.

This is legitimately funny, as it epitomizes the typical Linux cultist. It is evangelical propaganda, that looks like a religious tract, advertising the salvation of souls through open source. It even makes the false claim that it can run games (though you do wonder if a gamer would misspell “Nvidia”).

And that is all it is – a scam advertising campaign to convert people to the cult of Linux. Someone took whichever distro and added a Windows background, then passed it out to try to trick people into believing it was related to Windows. It is typical tricks.

Of course, for anyone who doesn’t know, running Linux on a personal computer is a far from reasonable action. I have done it for years on and off, and I will be the first to tell you that it is simply a waste of time. There are several legitimate and serious benefits – including a lack of surprise updates – but all of these benefits are vastly outweighed by extreme negatives.

It leaves me reminded of the opposition to the current Jewish order.

Our society is running on a totally broken operating system that interferes with every aspect of our daily lives, something which in theory should be very easy to oppose with an option that would be very popular among the people. But instead of having good options, the only people opposing the system are either presenting some kind of unhinged neo-Nazism or a dumb and insane communist agenda. And people advertise these joke alternatives using dumb advertising campaigns, just like this Linux CD. And just like with Linux, the only result is the formation of a fringe cult.

There are very few people on earth presenting a reasonable critique of democracy with realistic solutions that could be implemented to replace this system. So the political consumer, just like the software consumer, is stuck with the terrible alternative of simply dealing with the established order.

Linux home distros have spent overly much time attempting to implement all kinds of dumb imitations of modern graphical interface features instead of focusing on drivers and creating a system that just works out of the box. Most people would settle for a Windows XP graphical interface if it was easy and it just worked, but Ubuntu in particular – the biggest Linux distro – has instead gone down a bizarre rabbit hole of trying to create a system that competes directly in terms of graphics with Windows.

Just so, neo-Nazis and assorted lunatics have dived face first into the rabbit hole of attempting to manufacture a complex ideological system to compete with the complex ideological system of the establishment, while abandoning the obvious, which would be to keep things very simple and provide a consistent critique of the most obvious and most painful aspects of democracy, and explain how they could be easily fixed.

Don’t like random twenty minute surprise updates 5 times a week? Maybe you’d like to spend six hours trying to install the dependencies for every piece of software?
Don’t like immigration and the purposeful destruction of the family? Maybe you’d like to riot in the streets with fat guys in military costumes who believe in destroying America and implementing an “ideological cocktail” of neo-Nazism, communism, the KKK and Russian theocracy because the Enlightenment was bad?

I just thought of this analogy when I looked at this CD on reddit, so I will have to think further about how deep the analogy goes. Because it could go very deep.

Right now I can tell you: the shared problem between open source operating systems and alternative political theory is a lack of financial resources. The lack of financial resources leads to a lack of human resources, so you are only left with a few talented romantics driven by ideology surrounded by a bunch of weirdos. And that is always a recipe for a cult.

The weirdos and the emerging cult dynamics then push away anyone who could be convinced through an appeal to idealism and morality to join your side, despite the lack of finances. You are simply left spinning your wheels forever, while never being able to reach the hundreds of millions of people who are fed up with the established norms.