Linus Run Out of Linux for Being Mean – Wat?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2018

This is taking political correctness to a whole new realm.

He didn’t call anyone a nigger, he didn’t grab anyone by the pussy, he didn’t even donate to an anti-gay marriage Christian charity.

He was just mean to people.

And so he has to resign?

The New Yorker:

The e-mails of the celebrated programmer Linus Torvalds land like thunderbolts from on high onto public lists, full of invective, insults, and demeaning language. “Please just kill yourself now. The world will be a better place,” he wrote in one. “Guys, this is not a dick-sucking contest,” he observed in another. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he began in a third.

Torvalds has publicly posted thousands of scathing messages targeting programmers who submit what he deems flawed code to the Linux computer-operating-system kernel, which he brought to life more than twenty-five years ago and now administers as a collaborative, open-source project. Today, the Linux kernel is famous, running the enormous computers of Google, PayPal, Amazon, and eBay, and the two billion mobile phones using the Android operating system. Torvalds, though, retains final say over each precious line of code, just as he did when he first started working on the system as a graduate student at the University of Helsinki. For years, he has been known as Linux’s “benevolent dictator for life.”

On Sunday, the benevolent dictator announced that he would be stepping down temporarily, to “get some assistance on how to understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately.” Torvalds, who is forty-eight and lives with his family outside Portland, Oregon, made clear that he wasn’t burned out. “I very much do want to continue to do this project that I’ve been working on for almost three decades,” he wrote in a post to the Linux-kernel mailing list. “I need to take a break to get help on how to behave differently and fix some issues in my tooling and workflow.” Torvalds named a deputy, Gregory Kroah-Hartman, to run the project while he was away.

What kind of world are we living in where Jews are cutting the dicks off of teenage boys and you can be run out of your own company – which you, as a genius, single-handedly built – for sending mean emails?

Does this make sense to anyone? The priorities we’ve got going on here?

Furthermore – this is probably a kike conspiracy to fuck over Linux security. It was the most secure system. The only truly open-source secure system.

I don’t follow it closely enough to know who the guy taking over is, but I do not trust whoever it is. Linus was Linux. It is his thing. It belongs to him. No one should ever be able to take that away.

And it was no secret that Linus was an asshole. He’s always been an asshole. It’s a part of his brand.

How is it illegal to be an asshole?

They just keep taking this shit further and further – first it’s racism, then it’s sexism, then it’s hating faggots, now it’s just “being a mean person, generally.”

What in fuck.