Lindsey “GRIDS” Graham Goes to Israel and Holds Up “More for Israel” Sign

When I saw the image of Lindsey Graham standing in front of an Israeli flag, next to the Israeli leader, holding up a sign that says “more for Israel,” I thought it was a joke picture.

It just seemed like it couldn’t possibly be real.

But it is.

There is a video of it. He explains the sign.

Netanyahu’s laugh at the end is the best part.

Lindsey tweeted himself to explain the sign! It means “more American taxpayer money for Israel’s defense.”

Lindsey Graham, who is often known as “GRIDS Graham” due to his closeted homosexuality, is a US Senator. He went to a foreign country, and held up a sign demanding that Americans send more money to this foreign state.

This is a really, really weird thing.

Think of it:

  • Can you imagine a Chinese politician flying to Serbia and holding up a sign for Chinese people saying “More for Serbia”?
  • A Mexican politician in Malaysia, calling for “More for Malaysia”?
  • A Japanese politician in Iceland, calling for “More for Iceland”?

Whatever your politics are, politicians going to a foreign country and demanding their home country send money to that country has to be among the most nutty things we’ve seen yet.

What appears to be happening:

  • The Republicans have staked their brand on being ultra-pro-Israel.
  • The Biden Government is super pro-Israel.
  • In response, the Republicans have gone double-ultra-pro-Israel.

Lindsey said in the poor quality and weird video he recorded with Bibi that “Israel is the eyes and ears of America” and that “no one has done more to protect America than Israel.” This is a nonsense statement, and it is in fact a sick insult to Australia number one, and Britain number two, which are literally “our greatest allies.”

You should tell people that, when they say “Israel is our greatest ally” – tell them that Australia has sent troops to every one of our wars since the First World War, including Vietnam. They also fought in the Russian civil war against communism.

In the mid-2000s I once met an old Australian guy who told me his son died in the Iraq War. I waited a minute as you do out of respect for when someone says something like that and tried to process the statement. Eventually I said: “was his mother an American?” Never in my life had I thought that Australia had sent troops to Iraq – and I was pretty up on politics at the time (I listened to Alex Jones, etc.).

Of course, I had never heard of the sacrifices the Australians have made for America on the American media. I’d heard a whole lot about Israel. One might guess that this is because the American media is controlled by Jews and not Australians.

Israel didn’t even send troops to either one of the Iraq wars – wars that were literally fought on their behalf.

Saying “Israel is our greatest ally” is nonsensical and it is deeply disrespectful to Australia, people who actually fought and died for our alliance.

People who say “Israel is our greatest ally” are not only committing blasphemy and talking nonsense, they are insulting dead Australian and British soldiers.

The argument could easily be made that Israel is actually our greatest enemy.

No other nation sends its people to control our political system to funnel money back to their home state.

They sank the USS Liberty and killed American soldiers – no Palestinians have ever sank an American ship.

Jews say it was an accident (which is totally impossible), but even if it was an accident – no Palestinian accidentally sank any American ships.

What Even is This?

Let me just go ahead and show you this scene again:

The Judeo-Christians have made it a sacrament of their bizarre and satanic religion to worship the Jews and send as much money as possible to them.

Republican voters are falling away from this Israeli agenda, because Jesus didn’t return and suck all the baby boomers into outer space after the West fought the Iraq War. I talk to boomers and many of them have just stopped being interested in any of the Judeo-Christian stuff. Furthermore, many of them have died in the last two decades since 911. Some are still interested, still obsessed with Israel, but younger people really have little interest.

Republican politicians don’t really know or care what their voters do or don’t want, and are basically just concerned about pleasing the Jews.

Meanwhile, Democrats support Israel on the basis of fighting anti-Semitism, which is the core of the liberal project. However, Democrat voters are falling away from this, just as Republican voters are.

The thing is, I don’t think that in 2005, at the height of the Iraq War and the height of Judeo-Christian lunacy, a Republican politician would go to Israel and hold up a sign demanding more money from the American taxpayer. In fact, I know they wouldn’t, because they didn’t.

I hate to be clichéd here, but this is in America:

We have homeless camps in virtually every major city in the country.

Lindsey Graham is meanwhile in Israel, demanding we send them more money?

Israel has a socialized medical system. You can say “oh well, America only pays for rockets and jets and so on” – but money is fungible. All the money we send them for their military is money they don’t have to spend on their military, so they can spend it on socialized medicine and whatever else.

Israel is one of the richest countries in the world.

(If it wasn’t for Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the Pharma industry, etc., etc., etc. – centers of global wealth – America would not be on this list.)

Who is seeing Lindsey in this foreign country demanding our people’s money and thinking “oh sure, that makes sense”?

The Judeo-Christians said that if we blessed Israel, God would bless us.

Look around you: does this place look blessed to you? 

If it isn’t blessed, then that means the Judeo-Christians were lying.