Lindsey Graham May Not be a Pederast – May Simply Have Been Involved in Abusive Homosexual Relationship with John McCain

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

I used to think Lindsey Graham was a pederast.

However, given his behavior after the death of his boyfriend John McCain, the pinnacle of which was his SUPER SAYIAN MODE at yesterday’s Kavanaugh witch trial, I believe that he may simply be a person who became a homosexual after having been abused as a child and entered into an abusive homosexual relationship with the much older homosexual communist and ISIS-supporter John McCain.

We will have to wait and see, but so far, it is appearing that he has become a completely different person after the death of the overbearing communist homosexual terrorist John McCain.

There is simply no way that he would have given that fiery, powerful speech if John McCain was still alive. Zero. It just would not happen. He has changed. Or rather, he is in the process of changing.

It may be that he has been set free, and can now be his own man.

Many homosexual relationships, particularly those with large age gaps, are structured to feed off of the abuse that the younger homosexual experienced in childhood which caused him to become a homosexual. This is like having a chain around your neck. I would assume, and so I have read.

It is quite possible that Graham might end up being a good person now that his “bear” master is gone from his life.

After yesterday’s performance, I am certainly rooting for him. Not in the Australian sense, you fag. In the sense of cheering for him to dig his way out of the psychological prison that the evil communist John McCain had trapped him in.

Maybe he can even get into one of those Christian conversion therapy programs and pray the gay away.

It has been done.

I’ve seen documentaries.

I think they’ve all been banned from YouTube, but here’s a thing on it.

Wait, no, here’s the one I was thinking of.

Great stuff.

Churches can help you, Lindsey.

It can all be okay.

You’re already on the right path.