Lindsey Graham Gets Coronavirus After Getting Vaxxed, Shills the Vaxx Again

Lindsey Graham, who is a gay homosexual Republican neoconservative, got the coronavirus vaccine, and then got the flu.

He even says he got flu symptoms.

But, the queer war fanatic argues, if he’d not gotten the vaxx, he could have ended up with the dreaded double-flu.

Obviously, there is no way to quantify degrees of sickness, outside of simply measuring statistics on hospitalization. And as we know, the government/media is currently claiming that this summer has more hospitalizations than last summer. This is a statistic that makes perfect sense to people who predicted the vaxx would make people sick, but it’s hard to see how you can spin it to mean the vaxx is working. (We get the whole “new strand” thing, but they keep saying the vaxx protects from that, which is why everyone needs to get it.)

But yes, this is the narrative now: “sure, you’ll get sick with the flu even if you get the vaxx, but if you don’t get the vaxx, you’ll get a double flu – so you have to take the vaxx or we’re going to punish you severely.”

Lindsey Graham is 66, and not terribly fat, so getting any kind of flu in the summer is not especially impressive. It seems to me it was more likely caused by the vaxx than by the boogieman virus – but hey, you know. Whatever.

“This is nonsensical” is no longer a statement that has any kind of meaning, because there is no longer any measure of “sensical.” We are in a reality collapse, and therefore there is no possible chance of gauging what is or is not absurd. The coronavirus is an invisible monster, a spook, and a witch, a fabricated abstraction projected onto people’s souls with hyper-emotionalized nagging. It’s the perfect villain for this lunatic age of whining, cowardly, solipsistic delusion.

According to official government statistics, only 47% of Graham’s home state of South Carolina have received a vaxx.

Trump got 55% of the vote in SC in 2020.

Basically, if you conservatively guesstimate the math, at least 85% of Lindsey Graham’s voters are refusing the vaxx – and the only people still refusing it are people who are very strongly opposed to it.

But hey – I doubt Lindsey Graham’s voters support most of the things he personally enjoys injecting into his body*!

That’s democracy for you – the perfect system of government.

*Gay semen