Lindsey Graham Claims Putting Sessions in Charge of Homeland Security is a Bad Idea

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2017

John McCain’s longtime boyfriend Lindsey Graham is claiming that installing Jeff Sessions as the Department of Homeland Security secretary would be a bad idea.

Washington Examiner:

Sen. Lindsey Graham does not want to see Attorney General Jeff Sessions become Homeland Security secretary once John Kelly makes the transition to White House chief of staff.

In a pair of tweets Saturday, Graham, R-S.C., said “AG Jeff Sessions has a good ring to it.”

He went on to list off the qualities he thinks makes Sessions the right fit as attorney general. “Highly qualified, committed to the rule of law, tough on crime, and fiercely independent,” he said.

Graham then expressed his disapproval of speculation that Sessions could jump over to DHS.

“DHS Secretary Jeff Sessions doesn’t sound right, doesn’t feel right,” he said. “Bad idea.”

This means Trump should go ahead and do it. Graham doesn’t even have a logical reason as to why this is a bad idea. All he says is that it doesn’t feel right. Well, what’s felt right about this Russian kookspiracy witch hunt you evil faggot? That certainly hasn’t felt right.

Graham is concerned that Trump’s new AG would have the authority to shut down the witch hunt – which Sessions does not have, due to his recusal.

Graham certainly doesn’t want Trump’s full agenda to succeed. Him and McCain have been the two main Republicans counter-signaling Trump. How many times have we seen them on Sunday morning talk shows giving credibility to this Russia nonsense?

Everybody can see that the Robert Mueller led special counsel isn’t a fair one. It’s loaded with lawyers who donated to Hillary Clinton. Trump has every reason in the world to shut it down.

Let the Jew media and his political enemies cry about it when Trump’s new Attorney General ends it. When that happens, Trump should simultaneously send out tweets about how he has ordered the military to ban homosexuals from military service. Can you imagine the tears? I’m sure Lindsey and John would be the first one’s to cry about it!