Lincoln Project Analists Celebrate Joe Biden’s Economic Miracle

The Lincoln Project, which is a group of anal fellows who are Republicans but only support Democrats, has released an advertisement for Joe Biden’s satanic Build Back Better plan to destroy the American economy.

In the video, these sick poop-eaters claim that Donald Trump failed to do infrastructure. That is true, but in fact, Donald Trump failed to do literally everything, largely because his entire party was against him, and the entire intelligence establishment was hoaxing him with nonsense.

The demented anal rammers also claim that Joe Biden is putting “billions in the economy Donald Trump wrecked.” That is a really confusing statement. The economy was very good before the virus hoax, which was forced on Donald Trump by the Jewish media and Bill Gates. Furthermore, Joe Biden is not putting anything into anything – he is just printing a bunch of new money, something that is going to drastically speed up the collapse of the US dollar.

The Bidens are openly touting printing this money as a solution to the inflation that has been caused by printing money. As soon as you get into this situation – printing money to repair the damage caused by printing money – you’re already locked into a death spiral that ends in hyperinflation.

Tucker Carlson had an excellent segment on inflation this week.

He noted a very uncomfortable fact that no one ever acknowledges: the coronavirus hoax was a blank check, and more than 30% of the total supply of US dollars have been printed since the start of this scam.

Obviously, economic output has not increased – in fact, the opposite – so a 30% rise in the supply of dollars should by rights mean a 30% increase in the prices of consumer goods. The only reason it doesn’t mean that is that money is being poured into stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrency.

As we covered earlier this week, there is nothing in the Build Back Better bill for normal people. It is all money for brown people, which effectively means it is a wealth transfer to special interest groups. The Democrats are just printing money and giving it out to their friends, basically.

It’s staggering and sobering to see what these people are doing. I knew they were going to do this, and I said they were going to do this, but it is nonetheless shocking to see. There isn’t any going back from this.

The Lincoln Project is run by fake heterosexuals who use their positions of political influence to get into the anuses of young men. Like all homosexuals, they promote hoaxes in order to destroy normal people.

Here is one of them attacking Kyle Rittenhouse.

Obviously, he’d rather be doing something else to Kyle Rittenhouse (he’s gay).

The Lincolns had previously claimed to be Republicans who just didn’t like normal middle class white people. John Weaver, the founder of the organization who was disgraced in January of this year when it was revealed he was harassing heterosexual teenagers to exploit their rectums, was a campaign advisor for John McCain and John Kasich, both of which are believed to be sadistic homosexuals.

The entire American political establishment is at war with the American population.