Lin Wood Triggers the Repubs, Telling People It’s Not Worth Voting in Georgia Runoff

Lawyer Lin Wood called this week for Donald Trump to declare martial law in response to the election hoax.

He is my kind of fellow and he is right – Donald Trump should declare martial law.

He also said that with Republicans not bothering to help Donald Trump during this election fraud crisis, Trump supporters shouldn’t bother to turn out and vote for Republicans in the Georgia runoff.

He is also right about that.

Why on earth would anyone support the Republican Party, if they fail to secure this election?

The Republican Party is the only place on the right where the power is. They are the only institution that has any ability at all to defend us. They are choosing not to defend us. Why then should we support anything they are doing? Why should we even care?

Furthermore: why should we vote in any election again, ever, after the presidential election was stolen from us? Why would anyone believe in the system at all after this?

If Joe Biden takes off on January 20, then the entire jig is up. No one should ever bother to vote in any national election ever again, because there is no reason to believe they are real. The Democrats have already seized absolute power, it is nothing but humiliating to go vote when your vote doesn’t even count. You’re playing a role in a circus show, willingly, as the clown.

Of course, the total shills are flipping out entirely.

Breitbart, which is now completely Jewish, accused him of being a Democrat. The article attacking him had the phrase “getting lots of attention” in the lede.

The sickening Jew-lover and anti-American traitor Dan Crenshaw is going nuts.

Whether Lin Wood donated to Democrats or not is totally irrelevant to anything at all, it has no bearing on whether or not what he is saying is correct, and accusing him of being part of a Democrat conspiracy is a lunatic conspiracy theory.

People pushed back against Crenshaw, giving him a poke in his one eye.

Crenshaw is literally the shittiest person on earth.

He is attempting to put white people back on the Republican plantation, and his positions are all – each and every one of them – the same as John McCain’s positions.

You can actually picture some Jew coming into the office of another Jew and pitching him as the future of goyim-herding:

Jew #1: What if I told you I had a way to get the goyim back onto the Republican plantation after we get rid of Donald Trump?

Jew #2: Well, I’d have to say you’re either a liar or a genius.

Jew #1: Okay – listen to me, Shlomo. What if, when it comes to the next big goyim-herder, less is more?

Jew #2: I’m not sure I follow you, Jacob.

Jew #1: [Unveils poster of Dan Crenshaw]

Jew #2: Is he… is he a pirate? You’re going to run a pirate as the new herder of the goyim?

Jew #1: No, not a pirate.

Jew #2: Is he… oh, my hell… he’s…

Jew #1: He’s a vet. Got his eye blown out fighting for democracy in Iraq.

Jew #2: Why you sonovabitch, Jacob – you’re a genius! The goyim are going to gobble this up like Doritos!

You get the thing.

He’s a totally manufactured political figure, in the same sense that the Spice Girls are a totally manufactured musical group.

So of course he’s saying this.

For someone with any bit of basic ability to reason: just think about it.

Within the first six months of a Joe Biden presidency, they are going to give citizenship to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, making it impossible for a Republican to ever win the presidency again.

Furthermore, they already stole one election, so obviously they would do it again.

If Donald Trump is forced out of office, then the whole voting thing is over, until there is some kind of revolution. It just simply does not make any sense to be involved in a system that is openly fraudulent.

Insofar as there is any thought running through Dan Crenshaw’s deranged skull, he must know that there is no chance the Republicans are going to win in Georgia. Maybe if this election was in Ohio, or one of the other swing states where they didn’t show up with massive dumps, then it would at least be feasible, but the government of Georgia just stole an election, right out in front of everyone.

We have video evidence of it now, and nothing is happening.

The reason Dan Crenshaw is shilling is not that he wants to win the election in Georgia – it’s that he has been told to ensure that the goyim maintain their faith in this system a little bit longer.

Soon, the Democrats will have consolidated power to the point that there is no need to have white people thinking they have a chance. But they need them to believe, just a little bit longer.