Lin Wood Says Mike Pence Might Face a Firing Squad, People Get Mad

As I’ve said, Lin Wood is an actual kook.

His QAnon material is not even good QAnon material. This week, he said that Mike Pence will be arrested and America will be saved by… Mike Pompeo.

People got really mad about it.

I still like Wood a lot better than I like Sebastian Gorka.

But I don’t really see how this stuff Wood is posting is helpful to anyone or to any specific agenda. Though it’s possible I could be missing something.

I just want to say: Lin Wood is literally a confidant of the President. Well, he probably isn’t now, but he was a month ago.

It would have been so, so easy for the Alt-Right to get people into positions like this. I mean, if this guy can say stuff like this, then surely, a couple of us could have said the n-word and still remained close to the President.

What we couldn’t do was Nazi salutes. That’s the only thing we couldn’t do.

But of course, we did that.

Remember that that happened, remember what we lost because that happened.

Then understand why Nick Fuentes has the rules he has.

We’re not going to screw this up a second time.

If we were close to the president now in the way that these QAnon kooks are, we would not have allowed what happened to happen. All of what we are seeing now goes back to the internet censorship, which came after Charlottesville. If Trump would have stood and fought that then, as the number one issue, then we would not be in this situation we are in right now.

The coronavirus hoax would have been impossible without this level of internet censorship, and that would have changed history.