Lily Allen Says It Doesn’t Matter if 1 Million Children Were Raped by Moslems Because They Would Have Been Raped Anyway

Diversity Macht Frei
January 6, 2018

Here Lily Allen is pressed on the mass rape of British children by Muslim gangs. Under pressure, she claims it doesn’t matter if they were raped by Muslims because they would have been raped or abused anyway.

This is totally absurd. Recall these were not one-off rapes we are talking about. These were prolonged periods of sexual enslavement and torture, lasting years. The idea that this would have happened to them anyway is preposterous.

You often hear phrases like “liberalism is a mental disorder”, “leftists are insane”. An alternative would be to think of liberalism/leftism as essentially the same social phenomenon that we normally refer to as “religion”. A religion could almost be defined as a system of ideas that requires its adherents to undergo tangible harm in return for what they believe is an intangible benefit. It produces patterns of seemingly irrational behaviour: Muslims blowing themselves up, etc.

We need to understand that the commitment to the Religion of Equality among many of our own people is as intense in its irrationality as anything in Islam. Like a Muslim’s commitment to Islam, it is resistant to reason, impervious to attempts at fact-based refutation.

People like Lily Allen are de facto performing human sacrifice to their God of Equality.