Lil Nas X’s New Video Features Naked Gay Black Males Dancing in the Shower, 6M+ Views on YouTube

Lil Nas X is the number one most popular musician with children.

This is fine.

Hollywood Life:

Lil Nas X definitely understood the assignment for the music video to his new song, “Industry Baby.” The video, which dropped on Friday, July 23, shows the 22-year-old rapper breaking out of prison with the help of Jack Harlow, 23, who is featured on the song. But before his harrowing escape, Lil Nas X drops his pink prison jumpsuit and goes fully nude for a big dance routine alongside other nude inmates. Yep, just as wild as expected!

The video begins with a judge sentencing Lil Nas X to five years in Montero State Prison, which is reference to his upcoming album Montero. Three months later, the rapper is working out (and singing!) in his prison cell before leading a nude dance session in the showers with his fellow prisoners. All their private parts were blurred out for the racy scene, of course. The inmates all also get in some dance moves while dressed in their purple prison attire.

Later on, Jack slips Lil Nas X a pickaxe in his prison cell to escape. As Lil Nas X does so, the camera cuts to a security guard — played by Teen Wolf alum Colton Haynes  — watching the similarly wild music video for his previous single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. The “Industry Baby” music video was directed by Christian Bresulauer, and the song was produced by Take a Daytrip and Kanye West. It is the latest single for Lil Nas X’s upcoming Montero album.

So cool and interesting for the kids.

This is helping whites to integrate into black culture.

Vibrancy is not an abstract concept. We need to get white youth to become more like blacks, otherwise we will have conflict with all these different cultures trying to mix together.