Lil Nas X Introduces Satan Shoes for the Kids

Lil Nas X is a new style of rapper who is considered child friendly because he doesn’t talk about drugs and murder. Instead, he talks about having gay sex with Satan.

He is a gay nigga. That nigga be gay.

Now he’s selling the kids Satan shoes.

New York Post:

Someone sold their sole to the devil.

On the heels of his controversial “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” music video, Lil Nas X is doubling down on the demonic imagery with new Nike release, “Satan Shoes.”

The classic Air Max ’97’s have been revamped by collaborators MSCHF with the underworld in mind, coming in a limited edition stock of 666 pairs, each individually numbered “x/666” in red embroidery. The kicks will also contain 66 CCs of red ink, as well as one drop of human blood.

Bible scripture Luke 10:18 is also emblazoned on the side. The passage references Satan’s banishment from heaven. There are also upside-down crosses and a pentagram attached to the shoe laces, as well as printed on it’s sole.

MSCHF also designed a comparable “Jesus Shoe” — featuring the son of God upon a crucifix — back in 2019.

Lil Nas X’s latest song and visual is said to have inspired the latest shoe’s design. The video for “MONTERO” features the 21-year-old descending into hell via a stripper pole, where he proceeds to show Satan his best moves during a lap dance.

Yeah, it’s a gay sex Satan video.

I’m not even going to link it. But here’s a still shot of him getting gay with Satan:

This is what they’re selling the kids these days.

Even if you said “oh, they’re just joking” – what does that even mean?

I guess you would say you were joking, no?

Do you think this is funny?

Remember – Nike is the one that is so moral that they won’t use cotton from Xinjiang.

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But they will sell your children Satan shoes with human blood.