Lil’ Marco Visits Columbia, Drums Up Support For Intervention

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2018

What’s with the shades?

It feels like a LARP.

Senator Rubia must be having a lot of fun on his CIA mission. He gets to play dress-up.

And with McCain gone, someone had to step up and fill the job opening.

Daily reminder:

The “Angel of Death” role has clearly fallen to lil’ Marco.

ABC News:

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., brought further attention and a heightened U.S. presence to the crisis in Venezuela when he delivered a message to the country’s military that preventing food and medicine aid to the country would be a “crime against humanity.”

“Sometimes the time comes when we have to make a decision, a decision that will define the rest of our lives,” Rubio said. “I believe that time has come for many military and police and national guard members.”

“Will you prevent the food and medicine from reaching your own people? Your own families, your neighbors? Because if you do, not only will God condemn you in the other life, but you will also be condemned by the law because that is an international crime, a crime against humanity, that is very clear and they must make the right choice because the moment to make a decision has arrived” Rubio said.

Yeah, but Venezuela is accepting aid. Only it’s from Russia and China and Iran, NOT the country that wants to overthrow its government.

As a result, the whole coup thing has ground to a crawl.

The reason? Not a lot of in-country support for the overthrow. Last time I checked, only one general switched sides to support Guaido. That means that this thing has to come from Columbia. It will now most likely be a legit invasion, and I fear a trap for Trump. He’s not a details guy. That means he was told this would be over and finished quickly.

It won’t be by the looks of it.

New York Times:

The battle over the legitimate leadership of Venezuela — which has included rallies of thousands, international diplomacy and oil sanctions — is now focused on a single heavily guarded shipment of humanitarian aid.

Venezuela’s opposition, which has relished a month of victories in its effort to challenge President Nicolás Maduro and take over as the country’s legitimate government, brought the donated supplies of food and medical kits to the country’s border with Colombia.

Its goal was to bring the supplies into Venezuela, forcing a confrontation with Mr. Maduro, who has refused the help. This would cast Mr. Maduro in a bad light, opposition leaders said, and display their ability to set up a government-like relief system in a nation where the crumbling economy has left many starving, sick and without access to medicine.

But there was no dramatic confrontation.

Instead, Mr. Maduro’s administration erected a crude, but effective blockade across the border bridge with Colombia. The move brought the relief effort to a halt, and left the opposition and its leader, Juan Guaidó, at a standstill, aware that each passing day dampens its considerable momentum toward winning the trust of Venezuelans and the recognition of other governments. A delay could also mean reverting back to the status quo, in which Mr. Maduro retains control.

So there you have it.

The plan was to trigger some kind of media fiasco with Maduro preventing an aid convoy from entering Venezuela and it failed. 

Foiled by a crude barrier! Walls do work! Back to the drawing board!