Lil’ Bow Wow Threatens to Kidnap Trump’s Wife and Pimp Her Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2017

The Jew Jesse Wellens and his not so cute little pen monkey.

Snoop Dogg recently made a video threatening to assassinate Donald Trump.

The video, produced and co-directed by the Jew Jesse Wellens, features the failing rapper pulling a gun on a clown version of Donald Trump and shooting him in the head.

It is always the Jews who incite the blacks against us, but the black nature is very easy to incite.

After the video was released, Trump tweeted about it, noting that if someone had made such a video about assassinating Obama, they would have been arrested.

In response, Lil’ Bow Wow, who is the nephew of Snoop Dogg and also has a totally failing career, Tweeted a threat to kidnap and pimp out the President’s wife, First Lady Melania.

Of course, this monkey’s first thought went to sex with Trump’s wife. Black men are obsessed with white women, partially due to the fact that their own women are not very attractive, but even moreso due to the fact that by taking white women, they are humiliating white men, showing dominance over them.

Surely, threatening to kidnap and pimp out the First Lady is a criminal offense. There is no “artistic license” argument here, as the Jews would give Snoop Dogg for threatening murder in his video.

Lil’ Bow Wow has since deleted the Tweet, but he needs to be made example of.

Lil’ Bow Wow was marketed by the Jews as a child as an example for white boys to follow, as well as a sex symbol for white girls.

He grew up to be a typical gansta nigger.

These celebrities making threats against the President is something that has to stop. Madonna, at the women’s pussy march, threatened to blow-up the White House.

Obviously, they are not going to do this themselves, but what they are doing is setting a tone, where the unhinged anti-Trump masses feel that violence against the President is justifiable because… I don’t know, because of racism or sexism or whatever.

The media is effectively doing the same thing, though not in such explicit terms.

All of it needs to be shut down and it needs to be shut down quickly.

The fact that this particular monkey took out his impotent aggression on THE EMPRESS is even worse than any of the other threats coming from celebrities.

Lock the nigger up.

And more importantly – grab his Jew masters as well.